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The Asian Racing Conference was renamed at the 28th Conference in 2001 and became the Asian Racing Federation (ARF). The first conference was held in Tokyo in 1960, attended by 69 delegates from 12 racing organisations representing seven countries. The ARF Conference, held approximately every 2 years since that time.


The 35th ARC will take place in May 2014 hosted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.


The objectives of ARF are to foster goodwill and mutual understanding and to improve the standards of racing in Asia. Each meeting enables the exchange of current trends, ideas and information amongst delegates to work towards a common goal.


Plenary assemblies of all the Federation’s members and associate members, termed Management Meetings, are held at each Asian Racing Conference. Between conferences the ARF is governed by an Executive Council. Up until 2010 the Executive Council consisted of nominees from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, India and New Zealand. In 2010 the Management Committee approved amendments to the ARF Charter to expand the Executive Council, on a provisional basis, to include Singapore, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. The Executive Council meets approximately four times a year.


The ARF is formally linked with the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities. Australia, Hong Kong and Japan have permanent seats representing the ARF on the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Horse Racing Authorities, and the ARF also nominates one of two rotational positions on the IFHA Executive Council. The ARF Secretary-General also acts as a permanent technical advisor at meetings of the IFHA Executive Council.


ARF member countries:
1. Australia 14. Pakistan
2. Bahrain 15. Oman
3. Hong Kong 16. Philippines
4. India 17. Qatar
5. Indonesia (Affiliate Member) 18. Saudi Arabia
6. Japan 19. Singapore
7. Korea 20. South Africa
8. Kuwait (Affiliate Member) 21. Thailand
9. Macau 22. Turkey
10. Malaysia 23. Turkmenistan (Affiliate Member)
11. Mauritius 24. United Arab Emirates
12. Mongolia (Associate Member) 25. Vietnam
13. New Zealand    

The ARF Secretary-General is Mr Andrew Harding, Director of Racing Development, the Hong Kong Jockey Club:

Official Website:


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