Horse Profile


:Country of Origin /  Age AUS /  10
:Colour /  Sex Bay /  Gelding
:Import Type PPG
:Season Stakes* $0
:Total Stakes* $6,488,100
:No. of 1-2-3-Starts* 10-4-9-89
:No. of starts in past 10 race meetings 2
:Trainer Y S Tsui
:Owner Mr & Mrs Ma Leung
:Current Rating 48
:Start of Season Rating 49
:Sire Fusaichi Pegasus
:Dam Dream Leica
:Dam's Sire Maroof
:Same Sire Go
*Includes local and overseas records and earnings
Horse Form Records (Recent 3 seasons) - GOLDEN BAUHINIA (K123)
Racing Season:
Pla. Date RC/Track/
Dist. G Race
Dr Rtg. Trainer Jockey LBW Win Odds Act.
Finish Time Final Sect.
Horse Wt.
Gear Video
15/16 Season
0761204/10/15ST / "Turf" / "B+2"1000GY44049Y S TsuiH N Wong9-1/41911312  12  120.58.9223.901097B2Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
0511023/09/15HV / "Turf" / "C"1200G48049Y S TsuiH N Wong9-1/4281123  3  101.12.1624.641090--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
0020706/09/15ST / "Turf" / "B"1000G46049Y S TsuiC K Tong4-1/4331201  1  70.56.9122.961078--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
14/15 Season
7270127/06/15ST / "Turf" / "C+3"1000GF412044Y S TsuiC K Tong1/2431171  2  10.55.9322.261074--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
7010517/06/15HV / "Turf" / "C"1200GF48046Y S TsuiH N Wong3-1/2311101  2  51.10.3223.641074--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
6540531/05/15ST / "Turf" / "A"1000GF411048Y S TsuiJ Moreira4-1/2181213  5  50.57.0322.861079--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
6170416/05/15ST / "Turf" / "C"1000G410050Y S TsuiH N Wong3-1/2111161  3  40.57.4323.321076--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
5730429/04/15HV / "Turf" / "C+3"1000GF44052Y S TsuiC Y Ho3111243  4  40.57.6422.711076--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
5060401/04/15HV / "Turf" / "A"1000GF44053Y S TsuiZ Purton2-3/49.61262  2  40.57.4523.591072--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
4510511/03/15HV / "Turf" / "B"1000G47053Y S TsuiC Y Ho1-1/49.61278  7  50.58.1123.061075--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
4130225/02/15HV / "Turf" / "C"1000G46051Y S TsuiC Y HoNOSE101225  6  20.57.7622.961085--Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
2940907/01/15HV / "Turf" / "A"1000G412053Y S TsuiY T Cheng2-3/4461265  7  90.58.2223.541083PC-Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
2280910/12/14HV / "Turf" / "A"1000G46055Y S TsuiI Ortiz Jr5-3/4141284  7  90.58.2523.391079PCRace ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
1890526/11/14HV / "Turf" / "C"1200GF49055Y S TsuiJ Moreira5-1/2141294  5  51.10.9924.311074PCRace ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
1520312/11/14HV / "Turf" / "A"1000G46053Y S TsuiC Y HoN201254  5  30.57.7623.581083B-/PC1Race ReplayAerial Virtual Replay
1050422/10/14HV / "Turf" / "B"1000G45053Y S TsuiK Teetan2-1/241294  4  40.57.7622.791082BRace Replay
13/14 Season
7060815/06/14ST / "Turf" / "C"1200G41055Y S TsuiC K Tong3-3/4371283  3  81.10.2523.731074BRace Replay
6680401/06/14ST / "Turf" / "A+3"1000GF47056Y S TsuiC K Tong3-1/2621283  3  40.56.7623.001076BRace Replay
5570316/04/14HV / "Turf" / "C"1200GF49056Y S TsuiY T Cheng1-3/4991302  2  31.10.6123.191080BRace Replay
5301306/04/14ST / "Turf" / "B+2"1200G48058Y S TsuiC K Tong12-1/4991293  3  131.12.6825.901083BRace Replay
5020926/03/14ST / "AWT" / "-"1200GD46060Y S TsuiC Y Ho7801315  5  91.10.6924.361080BRace Replay
4771416/03/14ST / "Turf" / "A"1200G34061Y S TsuiC K Tong11-1/4991154  8  141.11.2624.851094BRace Replay
4140519/02/14HV / "Turf" / "C"1200G311063Y S TsuiW M Lai3-1/2991162  2  51.11.1522.971092BRace Replay
3780605/02/14HV / "Turf" / "A"1200G35064Y S TsuiK Teetan3-3/4341173  3  61.11.1323.501091BRace Replay
3311215/01/14HV / "Turf" / "C"1200G310064Y S TsuiM Demuro7-3/4991178  8  121.10.7823.671082BRace Replay
2720826/12/13HV / "Turf" / "A"1000GF311064Y S TsuiK Teetan6-1/43911711  10  80.58.0222.961076BRace Replay
1950127/11/13HV / "Turf" / "C+3"1000GF42057Y S TsuiG MosseN4.71284  4  10.57.3622.671072B2Race Replay
1390406/11/13HV / "Turf" / "A"1000G47057Y S TsuiK Teetan1-1/46.61283  3  40.57.7223.311059--Race Replay
0660109/10/13HV / "Turf" / "A"1000GF48052Y S TsuiK TeetanHD5.11232  3  10.57.5823.051077--Race Replay
0130111/09/13HV / "Turf" / "A"1000GF42046Y S TsuiK Teetan3/45.31202  3  10.57.1922.801075--Race Replay
B:BlinkersBO:Blinker with one cowl onlyE:Ear PlugsH:HoodP:PacifierPC:Pacifier with cowlsPS:Pacifier with 1 cowlSR:Shadow RollCP:Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
TT:Tongue TieV:VisorSB:Sheepskin BrowbandCO:Sheepskin Cheek Piece 1 side"1":First time"2":Replaced"-":RemovedCC:Cornell CollarXB:Crossed Nose Band
Performance Charts(Recent 3 seasons)
Fourth or Lower
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