Happy Valley:

Race Meeting:  10/01/2007   Happy Valley

RACE 6 (299)
Class 2 - 1650M - (95-80) Going : GOOD TO FIRM
HK$ 1,000,000 Time : (28.00) (51.40) (1:15.90) (1:39.80)
Sectional Time : 28.00 23.40 24.50 23.90
Pla. Horse No. Horse Jockey Trainer Act. Wt. Declar. Horse Wt. Dr. LBW Finish Time Win Odds
1 4 SOCRATES (CD336) B Prebble C Fownes 125 1158 7 - 1:39.80 9.3
2 1 SILVER SUN (CE126) O Doleuze C H Yip 129 1108 3 3/4 1:40.00 3.3
3 3 GREENESSY (CE001) Y T Cheng Y S Tsui 124 1112 11 1-1/2 1:40.10 52
4 5 LIBERAL'S CHOICE (CC345) D Nikolic J Size 121 1044 2 2-1/4 1:40.20 17
5 10 BEST POWER (CG006) S Dye C S Shum 117 1056 10 2-1/2 1:40.20 21
6 6 SUPER WONGCHOY (CB318) M Nunes Y O Wong 120 1178 5 2-3/4 1:40.30 46
7 8 CHAMPION KING (CE219) D Whyte L Ho 118 1204 6 2-3/4 1:40.30 3.2
8 11 WINNING REWARD (CE254) C W Wong K W Lui 110 1042 1 3-1/2 1:40.40 8.5
9 9 MULTI MILLIONS (CD207) F Coetzee K L Man 118 1118 9 7-3/4 1:41.00 11
10 2 SUNNY KING (CH105) C Soumillon J Moore 129 1145 8 9-1/4 1:41.30 6.9
WV-A 7 CALIFORNIA PRINCE (CD079) C K Tong A S Cruz 112 --- --- --- --- ---

Note: Special Incidents Index

Pool Winning Combination Dividend (HK$)
WIN 4 93.00
PLACE 4 25.50
1 16.50
3 95.50
QUINELLA 1,4 167.50
3,4 502.00
1,3 257.50
TIERCE 4,1,3 10,030.00
TRIO 1,3,4 1,789.00
FIRST 4 1,3,4,5 3,638.00
5TH DOUBLE 8/4 2,605.00
8/1 152.50
TRIPLE TRIO 6,8,10/7,8,11/1,3,4 7,194,035.00
6,8,10/7,8,11/Any Combination 93,387.00
6,8,10/Any Combination/1,3,4 64,965.00
Any Combination/7,8,11/1,3,4 186,774.00
Dividend Note: For Winning Combination, "F" denotes "Any Combination" while "M" denotes "Any Order".

Racing Incident Report

After arriving at the saddling stalls, CALIFORNIA PRINCE was examined by the Veterinary Officer. He said the horse had a sore and swollen right front tendon and in his opinion it was not suitable to race. Acting on this advice, the Stewards ordered the withdrawal of CALIFORNIA PRINCE. Before being allowed to race again, CALIFORNIA PRINCE will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. GREENESSY and SUNNY KING were slow to begin. After passing the winning post on the first occasion, MULTI MILLIONS was hampered and carried wider when bumped by SUNNY KING which commenced to over-race and was checked after improving close to the heels of SOCRATES. Near the 1200 Metres, MULTI MILLIONS was again carried wider by SUNNY KING which shifted out when being checked away from the heels of SOCRATES. After this, for the remainder of the race, MULTI MILLIONS then travelled wide and without cover. In the early stages, CHAMPION KING proved difficult to settle. When questioned regarding his riding in the Home Straight, S Dye (BEST POWER) said his mount travelled in a rearward position as expected. He said making the Home Turn he remained close to the fence and on straightening he commenced to ride along hands and heels. He said BEST POWER commenced to make ground. He said near the 200 Metres he considered endeavouring to improve his position on the inside of CHAMPION KING, however, at that time the rider of that horse commenced to use his whip in the left hand. He said he felt CHAMPION KING would shift back towards the rail, he therefore immediately shifted out across the heels of WINNING REWARD into clear running. He said when BEST POWER was in the clear when being ridden out with the whip, the horse finished strongly. S Dye was told his explanation would be reported, however, he should ensure he rides his mounts out in a manner which leaves no room for query. C Soumillon (SUNNY KING) said he had been instructed to ride the horse in a rearward position and endeavour to have it finish the race off. He said SUNNY KING over-raced and proved difficult for him to settle in the early stages, then travelled satisfactorily in the middle stages of the race. He said after straightening SUNNY KING did not close the race off. He said in his opinion SUNNY KING was not suited racing around the turns at Happy Valley at the first time of asking. SUNNY KING was sent for an official veterinary inspection. A veterinary inspection of SUNNY KING after the race did not show any significant findings. CHAMPION KING, SOCRATES and SILVER SUN were sent for sampling.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online

Sire: Zabeel

Dam: Oh Sister

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