Race Meeting:  01/05/2007   Sha Tin

RACE 11 (573)
Class 3 - 1600M - (80-60) Going : GOOD TO FIRM
HK$ 750,000 Time : (24.80) (48.10) (1:11.90) (1:34.70)
Sectional Time : 24.80 23.30 23.80 22.80
Pla. Horse No. Horse Jockey Trainer Act. Wt. Declar. Horse Wt. Dr. LBW Finish Time Win Odds
1 1 JOY AND FUN (CH014) F Coetzee D Cruz 133 1130 7 - 1:34.70 2.6
2 9 PACKING WINNER (CE334) D Whyte L Ho 121 1066 3 N 1:34.70 6.1
3 5 MAINLAND SHUTTLE (CG315) G Mosse A Lee 125 1097 6 1-3/4 1:35.00 10
4 10 KING HOGAN (CE257) H W Lai K W Lui 111 1206 4 2 1:35.00 28
5 4 CHATER SILK (CG050) Y T Cheng D E Ferraris 123 1132 5 2-3/4 1:35.10 8.8
6 3 SAFETY FIRST (CG161) D Nikolic P F Yiu 126 1049 12 3-1/4 1:35.20 6.6
7 8 GALLANT FALCON (CD194) M Nunes A T Millard 121 1142 8 3-1/2 1:35.30 27
8 2 VIKING TOR (CE207) B Prebble D J Hall 131 1137 9 5-3/4 1:35.60 33
9 13 CARE FREE PRINCE (CD333) S K Sit Y S Tsui 111 1054 1 6-1/2 1:35.70 92
10 12 RICH FOR ALL (CG023) A Delpech J Size 115 1274 11 7 1:35.80 30
11 11 FOREVER FORTUNE (CG145) W M Lai C S Shum 113 1079 10 10-3/4 1:36.40 8.8
12 7 CELEBRATION (CB029) C W Wong C H Yip 117 1103 2 16 1:37.20 52
13 6 DANSOLDE (CE157) O Doleuze P O'Sullivan 124 1107 13 19-3/4 1:37.80 44

Note: Special Incidents Index

Pool Winning Combination Dividend (HK$)
WIN 1 26.00
PLACE 1 13.00
9 19.00
5 23.00
QUINELLA 1,9 103.50
1,5 63.50
5,9 122.50
TIERCE 1,9,5 1,283.00
TRIO 1,5,9 283.00
FIRST 4 1,5,9,10 1,658.00
5TH DOUBLE 2/1 212.50
2/9 48.50
12TH DOUBLE TRIO 1,2,7/1,5,9 8,784.00
SIX UP 1,3/4,9/3,10/1,10/1,2/1,9 5,889.00
3/9/10/10/2/1 3,294,276.00
Dividend Note: For Winning Combination, "F" denotes "Any Combination" while "M" denotes "Any Order".

Racing Incident Report

GALLANT FALCON and CHATER SILK were slow to begin. On jumping, CARE FREE PRINCE bumped with CELEBRATION. In the early stages, from a wide barrier, SAFETY FIRST was taken back to a position with cover. On straightening, GALLANT FALCON was steadied and shifted out away from the heels of CHATER SILK, then shifted further and bumped SAFETY FIRST, causing that horse to become unbalanced. For a considerable distance after straightening, CHATER SILK had difficulty obtaining clear running. Consideration was given to two protests/objections. The first was lodged by G Mossé, the rider of MAINLAND SHUTTLE, placed 3rd, against PACKING WINNER (D Whyte) being declared the 2nd placegetter for alleged interference after the 150 Metres. The second was lodged by G Mossé against JOY AND FUN, the winner, ridden by F Coetzee for alleged interference after the 150 Metres. The evidence disclosed that after the 150 Metres MAINLAND SHUTTLE was carried in by JOY AND FUN which got its head on the side and shifted ground, then just prior to the winning post was checked after losing its rightful running as a result of JOY AND FUN continuing to drift in and PACKING WINNER which shifted out marginally. In the opinion of the Stewards, had the interference which did take place not occurred, MAINLAND SHUTTLE would not have finished in front of either PACKING WINNER or JOY AND FUN, therefore both protests/objections were overruled. G Mossé was advised in the opinion of the Stewards these protests/objections bordered on being frivolous. At a subsequent inquiry, F Coetzee was found guilty of a charge of careless riding [Rule 100(1)] in that over the concluding stages he failed to take sufficient measures to prevent his mount which was hanging in from shifting ground when not clear of MAINLAND SHUTTLE, causing that horse to lose its rightful running and be checked. F Coetzee was suspended from riding in races for a period to expire on Sunday 13 May 2007 on which day he may resume race riding (2 Hong Kong racedays). The commencement of the suspension was deferred until after the Happy Valley racemeeting next Sunday 6 May 2007. In addition, F Coetzee was fined $40,000 in lieu of a suspension for a period incorporating one further raceday. Throughout the race, FOREVER FORTUNE travelled wide and without cover. F Coetzee reported his saddle shifted backwards shortly after the start. DANSOLDE and FOREVER FORTUNE were sent for an official veterinary inspection. A veterinary inspection of DANSOLDE and FOREVER FORTUNE after the race did not show any significant findings. JOY AND FUN and PACKING WINNER were sent for sampling. The Stewards will afford W M Lai an opportunity of explaining the poor performance of FOREVER FORTUNE at the Happy Valley racemeeting next Sunday 6 May 2007.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online

Sire: Cullen

Dam: Gin Player

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