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Recent 10 Race Meetings JKC Points (Latest in Left)
Avg. Total Pts /
  Avg. Total Pts /
19/1115/1111/118/115/111/1129/1025/1022/1018/10 Current Season 16/17 
1J Moreira562852-3436--402839.1 35.937.0
2Z Purton2216--46124634482431.0 28.125.6
3N Rawiller24102022--4218161220.5 16.216.4
4D Whyte0012181061218608.2 6.011.1
5U Rispoli3618424463440-14.4 10.39.1
6C Schofield8012820---42010.3 10.811.3
7A Badel8248000----6.7 6.79.1
8M F Poon10416--161022161213.3 15.926.9
9T Berry300--0480005.3 7.46.8
10W M Lai000--060000.8 2.01.6
11K C Leung41828422642012612.4 11.08.7
12N Callan02416418--2412613.0 8.213.4
13O Doleuze40--0040601.8 2.66.7
M L Yeung606162816120408.8 8.56.6
B Prebble612101260--1607.8 8.310.9
H T Mo018122401006067.6 6.89.9
S Clipperton60181240120--6.5 10.810.1
M Chadwick0001000264645.0 4.45.6
C Y Ho04010640121004.6 4.75.7
K C Ng00000000000.0 0.31.6
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1) Jockey Challenge Points scored by Substitute Jockeys will not count.
2)   Top JKC points among current race meeting declared jockeys in that race meeting.
3) The above statistics is for reference only.