Sha Tin: 
Sunday, October 08, 2017, Sha Tin, 14:00
Turf, "B+2" Course, 1200M, Good
Prize Money: $880,000, Rating:60-40, Class 4
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 S096  GENEROUS BOBO  27/09/2017  65  GENEROUS BOBO (S096) approaching the first turn near the 1000M was taken in onto heels, then clipped heels and blundered badly. After passing the 100M brushed with a runner and became unbalanced - Race 065.
2 V232  GOLDEN KID  09/07/2017  784  --
3 V303  AMBITIOUS HEART  10/09/2017  21  AMBITIOUS HEART (V303) when questioned regarding the performance, rider stated that the horse raced disappointingly. He said unlike in a number of starts when the horse was able to obtain cover in the early stages, in the race it took a considerable distance for the leaders to cross the horse to provide his mount with cover. He said it was not until near the 900M that a runner crossed the horse and he felt that that may have had some bearing on the horse’s performance. He added he also felt that racing over 1600M first up may also have been a contributing factor to the horse’s failure to finish off the race - Race 021.
4 A044  DOCTORS DELIGHT  30/04/2017  610  --
5 A254  E MASTER      --
6 V123  LOOK ERAS  27/09/2017  65  --
7 A290  WIN BEAUTY WIN      --
8 A370  WISH COME TRUE      --
9 A174  MASTER BERNINI  01/07/2017  769  --
10 A186  MI BLANCO  24/09/2017  57  MI BLANCO (A186) passing the 300M was awkwardly placed - Race 057.
11 S301  FOREVER ACCURATE  01/07/2017  773  --
12 A204  MULTIGOGO  24/09/2017  57  MULTIGOGO (A204) when questioned, rider stated that in accordance with the instructions he rode the horse positively in the early stages and was able to cross a runner to assume the lead after the 1000M. He said on reaching the lead on the rail, he commenced to steady the horse after the 1000M, however, it was inclined to shift away from the rail. He said near the 900M he attempted to bring the horse back closer to the rail, however, it proved very difficult to settle, got its head up and was reluctant to shift over towards the rail. He said, despite his endeavours to have the horse race more tractably, it continued to race with its head in the air and lay away from the rail until after the 600M. He added it was at that point of the race that the horse commenced to race more tractably and he was able to have it race closer to the rail. He said because of the horse’s racing manners in the early and middle stages, the horse was then not able to finish off the race - Race 057.