Sha Tin: 
Sunday, December 17, 2017, Sha Tin, 13:00
Turf, "C+3" Course, 1000M
Prize Money: $880,000, Rating:60-40, Class 4
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 A295  SHALLUCK  29/11/2017  232  --
2 A323  SUPER EIGHTEEN  26/11/2017  217  --
3 A427  GOLDEN EFFORT  22/11/2017  212  GOLDEN EFFORT (A427) when questioned regarding the disappointing performance of the horse which was having its first race start, rider stated that although the horse was somewhat nervous in the barriers, it began well and he was able to take up a forward position behind the leader in the early stages without having to make any use of it. He said the horse travelled very well until near the 500M at which time he put the horse under pressure to improve behind the leader. He said, despite his riding, the horse did not quicken as he thought it would and he had to ride it vigorously rounding the Home Turn and in the early part of the Straight to gain some response. He added, despite being ridden out, the horse gave ground and was very disappointing in the manner in which it weakened noticeably to finish at the rear of the field. He said having ridden the horse prior to the race, he was unable to detect any issues with it and could only say that it is immature at the early stages of its racing career - Race 212.
4 A291  GOUTEN OF GARO  11/11/2017  182  GOUTEN OF GARO (A291) began awkwardly, then was bumped. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance, rider stated that the horse, which was having its first race start, travelled keenly in the early stages after being bumped by a runner on jumping. He said however that near the 800M he was able to shift the horse behind runners and the horse then travelled well. He said he placed the horse under pressure after the 400M and the horse initially quickened well, however, over the final 200M the horse came under pressure and then was disappointing in the manner in which it failed to finish off the race - Race 182.
5 B084  HAVE FUN TOGETHER      --
6 A390  KINGSTON ONE      --
7 B040  LEAN PERFECTION      --
8 B066  MAGIC SUCCESS      --
9 A425  MY BEAR CAT      --
10 B121  THE HAPPY BUNCH      --
11 A384  ROOKIE STAR  11/11/2017  185  ROOKIE STAR (A384) rider stated that after being hampered in the early stages when crowded for room, the horse then travelled keenly which resulted in it having to be checked away from heels of a runner after the 800M. He said because of these incidents the horse, which was only having its second race start, was not able to finish off the race as he believed that the horse had made too much use of itself in the early and middle stages - Race 185.
12 V026  HOT HOT PEPPER  26/11/2017  217  --
13 T073  MASSIVE MOVE  11/11/2017  182  MASSIVE MOVE (T073) shortly after the start got its head on the side, shifted out and bumped a runner - Race 182.
14 V088  RICHCITY FORTUNE  06/12/2017  249  RICHCITY FORTUNE (V088) for some distance after the 700M travelled keenly - Race 249.
Standby Horse
1 A317  BUOYANT BOY  11/11/2017  182  --
2 B005  MAJESTIC DRAGON      --