Happy Valley: 
Wednesday, December 13, 2017, Happy Valley, 19:15
Turf, "C" Course, 1650M, Good
Prize Money: $660,000, Rating:40-0, Class 5
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 S424  A FAST ONE  22/11/2017  209  --
2 T178  FINE WITH ME  11/11/2017  183  --
3 T031  GREAT TOPLIGHT  01/11/2017  157  GREAT TOPLIGHT (T031) the next day was reported by the vet who said the horse had sustained an injury to the outside of the left front suspensory branch - Race 157.
4 T336  GLORY STAR  28/06/2017  761  --
5 A106  MAGICAL CHAMPION  11/11/2017  181  --
6 T431  PEARL FURU  15/11/2017  192  PEARL FURU (T431) after the 400M was held up behind a runner. At the 250M was steadied and shifted in away from heels - Race 192.
7 V182  VICTORY FOLLOW ME  29/11/2017  227  VICTORY FOLLOW ME (V182) after the 1100M got its head up when being steadied to allow a runner to cross. After the 1000M then travelled keenly when racing behind that runner. In the early part of the Straight got its head on the side and lay in under pressure. After that continued to race with its head on the side - Race 227.
8 V309  HALL OF FAME  29/11/2017  227  --
9 V144  TELECOM BOOM  29/11/2017  227  TELECOM BOOM (V144) after travelling a short distance was crowded for room - Race 227.
10 T280  LE PEGASE  08/11/2017  173  LE PEGASE (T280) when questioned regarding the performance, rider stated that in its previous races the horse had been able to obtain a forward position without having to be hard ridden and consequently had been able to finish off its races. He said, from the outside barrier, he had to ride the horse along for a considerable distance in the early stages to clear runners to its inside in order to obtain a forward position. He said after being able to shift in to race outside a runner which was positioned behind the leader, the horse did not travel as well as it had previously mainly due to the race being run at a solid tempo. He added the horse came under pressure prior to the Home Turn and then was not able to finish off the race. He said, in his opinion, the horse's disappointing performance could be attributed to the amount of use he had to make of it in the early stages - Race 173.
11 V032  NO LAUGHING MATTER  11/11/2017  181  NO LAUGHING MATTER (V032) was slow to begin - Race 181.
12 V145  RED SUN  22/11/2017  209  --
Standby Horse
1 A059  REGENCY HONEY  29/10/2017  147  REGENCY HONEY (A059) passing the 200M got its head on the side and shifted in when commencing to give ground - Race 147.
2 S417  CASH COURIER  29/11/2017  227  --