Happy Valley: 
Wednesday, June 28, 2017, Happy Valley, 19:15
Turf, "C+3" Course, 2200M, Good To Firm
Prize Money: $630,000, Rating:40-0, Class 5
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 V122  AMRITSARIA  11/06/2017  718  AMRITSARIA (V122) whilst in the saddling stalls had it left front plate refitted. Then was examined by the vet who said the horse was suitable to race. Passing the 350M was crowded for room - Race 718.
2 V354  JE PENSE  11/06/2017  719  JE PENSE (V354) began awkwardly and then was crowded for room - Race 719.
3 V295  EASTERN PROWESS  03/05/2017  618  EASTERN PROWESS (V295) until near the 600M travelled wide and without cover - Race 618.
4 T187  PREMIUM CHAMPION  14/06/2017  726  PREMIUM CHAMPION (T187) approaching the 50M raced tight - Race 726.
5 T336  GLORY STAR  07/06/2017  707  GLORY STAR (T336) after the race, rider was unable to offer any explanation for the disappointing performance of the horse which gave ground in the Straight. Post-race vet inspection did not show any significant findings, however, the horse was unable to be scoped due to being fractious - Race 707.
6 P405  TELEPHATIA  11/06/2017  718  --
7 P324  WEALTHY FORTUNE  17/05/2017  654  --
8 T263  ALWAYS WONGCHOY  21/06/2017  744  --
9 T019  PERFECT TIMING  21/06/2017  744  --
10 S354  LOYAL CRAFTSMAN  17/05/2017  654  LOYAL CRAFTSMAN (S354) was slow to begin - Race 654.
11 S338  STORM KID  17/05/2017  654  STORM KID (S338) as the start was effected lifted its front feet off the ground and was slow to begin. After leaving the 2000M commenced to prove very difficult to settle, shifted out and made contact with a runner. Then continued to over-race badly and approaching the 1800M was shifted out from behind a runner and in so doing clipped heels and blundered. After that was allowed to stride forward to assume the lead at the winning post on the first occasion - Race 654.
12 T287  CHARITY PLENTY  17/05/2017  654  --
Standby Horse
1 V091  LUCKY SEBRING  17/05/2017  654  --
2 N416  MALAYAN PEARL  18/06/2017  734  --