Sha Tin: 
Sunday, October 08, 2017, Sha Tin, 17:10
All Weather Track, 1650M, Good
Prize Money: $1,310,000, Rating:80-60, Class 3
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 V183  LITTERATEUR  13/09/2017  34  LITTERATEUR (V183) when questioned, rider stated that he was instructed to ride his mount in about a midfield position from barrier 4. He said it was anticipated that the 3rd placegetter, which was drawn immediately to the inside of his mount, would take up a more forward position than his mount and that his mount would be able to follow it in about midfield. He said he was asked not to restrain his mount in the early stages to ensure that the horse did not commence to over-race as it had done previously. He said his mount began very well and without being ridden along was able to quickly establish a margin over the 3rd placegetter which, despite being ridden along from the start, did not show as much early speed as anticipated. He said he therefore allowed his mount to cross the 3rd placegetter without riding the horse along and his mount, despite having to be ridden more slightly forward than intended, initially settled well. He said however that after passing the winning post on the first occasion his mount commenced to travel keenly and then after the 1400M got its head up when awkwardly placed close to heels. He said when the tempo of the race slowed, particularly after the 1200M, his mount again travelled keenly, however, he was able to remain racing behind a runner. He said however when the winner improved around his mount after the 1000M, his mount commenced to prove very difficult to settle and had to be checked away from heels approaching the 900M. He said despite his efforts his mount continued to prove very difficult to settle and he therefore shifted his mount out from behind the former runner after the 800M to follow the winner. He added his mount then came off the bridle and he was not able to improve sufficiently to prevent a runner from crossing his mount after the 600M. He said his mount continued to travel off the bridle and had to be ridden aggressively in an endeavour to maintain its position. He said after shifting to the outside of that runner at the entrance to the Straight, his mount then took some time to respond to his riding and subsequently finished off the race only one-paced - Race 034.
2 T163  DIVINE BOY  13/09/2017  34  --
3 T094  GONNA RUN  27/09/2017  71  GONNA RUN (T094) soon after the start lost ground when crowded for room - Race 071.
4 V254  SUNNY WIN  09/07/2017  784  --
5 T281  WILLIE WAY  12/07/2017  795  --
6 T417  RED MARVEL  18/06/2017  739  --
7 T098  TRAVEL FIRST  01/07/2017  776  --
8 A246  KYRUS BOWSER  20/09/2017  48  KYRUS BOWSER (A246) passing the 200M was crowded for room - Race 048.
9 S235  ULTIMATE GLORY  26/03/2017  526  --
10 P267  TURIN PEARL  01/07/2017  776  --
11 V291  ENREACHING  26/04/2017  604  --
12 V081  HIGH VOLATILITY  20/09/2017  48  HIGH VOLATILITY (V081) for some distance passing the 1600M raced tight whilst being ridden hard in the early stages to obtain a forward position. Making the turn near the 1000M got its head on the side and lay out. Near the 450M got its head on the side and shifted out away from a runner. Gave ground after being ridden along for a considerable distance in the early stages to obtain forward position, post-race vet inspection did not show any significant findings - Race 048.
13 A201  MISTER MONTE  18/06/2017  738  --
14 P421  GRAND HARBOUR  24/09/2017  63  GRAND HARBOUR (P421) in the early stages failed to muster speed despite being vigorously ridden along - Race 063.
Standby Horse
1 S162  GOODHEART SUCCESS  27/09/2017  71  --