Happy Valley: 
Wednesday, November 22, 2017, Happy Valley, 19:15
Turf, "C+3" Course, 1200M, Good
Prize Money: $660,000, Rating:40-0, Class 5
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 S424  A FAST ONE  01/11/2017  155  A FAST ONE (S424) began awkwardly, resulting in its rider becoming unbalanced. Shortly after entering the Straight raced tight. For some distance after that continued to race tight. Near the 300M was hampered. Approaching the 50M was shifted out away from heels - Race 155.
2 A144  SCARBOROUGH FAIR  08/10/2017  97  --
3 S130  FOREVER FUN  11/10/2017  101  --
4 T023  HAY GO LUCKY  23/04/2017  590  --
5 S185  TRENDIFUL  01/11/2017  155  --
6 V027  TREASURE AND GOLD  29/10/2017  147  --
7 T076  GOLDEN GLORY  18/10/2017  119  GOLDEN GLORY (T076) making the first turn approaching the 1050M hung out. Rounding the Home Turn and in the Straight lay out under pressure. Throughout the race travelled wide and without cover - Race 119.
8 V308  VICTORY MUSIC  11/11/2017  181  VICTORY MUSIC (V308) approaching and passing the 1100M travelled keenly when being steadied to obtain cover. In the early part of the Straight had some difficulty obtaining clear running - Race 181.
9 T054  HAYMAKER  29/10/2017  147  HAYMAKER (T054) at the start dwelt and consequently lost ground, then was shifted across behind runners from a wide barrier. Passing the 150M was awkwardly placed close to heels when being shifted to the outside of a runner to obtain clear running - Race 147.
10 M273  GLORY HORSIE  11/10/2017  101  GLORY HORSIE (M273) shortly after the start raced in restricted room. Passing the 250M was inconvenienced when disappointed for running - Race 101.
11 P269  ORIENTAL FANTASIA  01/11/2017  155  ORIENTAL FANTASIA (P269) shortly after entering the Straight improved into tight running. Near the 300M was hampered - Race 155.
12 V145  RED SUN  05/11/2017  164  --
Standby Horse
1 N186  WINNING BOY  18/10/2017  119  --
2 S218  GOOD METHOD  05/11/2017  164  GOOD METHOD (S218) was withdrawn three days before raceday by order of the Stewards on vet advice (blood abnormality) - Race 164.