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TrainerWin2nd3rd4th5thTotal RunsStakes Won
Trainers in Service
J Size6540333523337$124,189,640
F C Lor4131351925267$37,845,260
C S Shum3835292821341$50,260,170
C H Yip3026292727350$30,528,600
K W Lui2820231812217$27,532,315
Y S Tsui2623322732352$27,540,470
A S Cruz2539335037394$71,957,510
C Fownes2425283027337$27,940,070
P F Yiu2418222219252$29,420,350
P O'Sullivan2231262230290$27,615,505
L Ho2219261926301$26,667,695
A T Millard2214141613177$34,793,470
R Gibson2112231518210$20,198,820
W Y So2029201523278$25,475,240
J Moore2024252728340$68,053,850
T P Yung1818101412235$20,095,010
D E Ferraris1727223133322$20,817,660
K L Man1316162432283$16,793,025
A Lee1018172919257$11,829,200
C W Chang108231410246$10,106,000
M J Freedman9167721139$11,086,250
D J Hall727191915244$16,759,890
D Cruz7331314123$5,809,000
A P O'Brien100015$11,019,000
A Fabre010001$3,960,000
H Fujiwara001102$3,225,000
N Hori001001$2,500,000
R M Beckett000101$1,026,000
R Okubo000011$825,000
A Couetil000001$0
A M Balding000001$0
D Guillemin000001$0
D Simcock000001$0
F Rohaut000001$0
F-H Graffard000001$0
H J L Dunlop000001$0
K Sumii000001$0
M Saito000001$0
P Miller000001$0
R Hannon000001$0
T Umeda000001$370,000
W P Mullins000001$360,000
Y Ikee000001$0
Sir M R Stoute000002$500,000