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TrainerWin2nd3rd4th5thTotal RunsStakes Won
Trainers in Service
J Size9168436139495$113,927,838
J Moore6744484635501$151,645,320
C Fownes5634424249538$52,435,330
W Y So5335354230468$45,906,510
C S Shum4732523837505$57,829,390
A S Cruz4669434857551$110,934,418
P F Yiu4142343732424$49,076,175
Y S Tsui3735563933532$41,270,655
A T Millard3432293839415$34,974,650
D E Ferraris3335423743425$33,396,285
C H Yip3328363348523$38,371,040
D J Hall3129292125340$32,490,475
P O'Sullivan2636544524418$44,900,775
T P Yung2542272948424$32,210,425
L Ho2530182323368$24,144,785
K W Lui2333242219333$40,553,825
K L Man1927323831428$22,956,885
R Gibson1720272628296$20,116,770
A Lee1628262240410$17,681,850
C W Chang1422202727346$15,700,500
T K Ng81171811230$7,558,625
D Cruz617241621284$10,645,975
F C Lor000000$0
M J Freedman000000$0
N Hori300004$35,055,000
A P O'Brien010002$3,630,000
de Royer Dupre001001$1,650,000
H Fujiwara001001$2,500,000
M Saito000101$940,500
Y Ikee000102$1,425,000
Ed Walker000011$528,000
F Rohaut000011$610,500
R Hickmott000011$660,000
R Okubo000011$544,500
T Tanaka000011$759,000
J Lau000012$105,000
A Bull000001$330,000
A Fabre000001$0
G Bietolini000001$0
G Portelli000001$0
G W Moore000001$370,000
J M Moore000001$0
K C Chong000001$0
K Fujioka000001$0
K Yoshimura000001$0
M C Tam000001$0
M L W Bell000001$0
M Sakaguchi000001$0
P B Shaw000001$0
P Bary000001$0
R Fahey000001$0
S H Cheong000001$0
Sir M R Stoute000001$320,000
T Ozeki000001$0
W H Tse000001$0
Y C Fung000001$0