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TrainerWin2nd3rd4th5thTotal RunsStakes Won
Trainers in Service
F C Lor228135796$14,986,200
P F Yiu151013107107$15,904,250
J Size14121465113$23,106,100
W Y So13151079111$13,956,250
Y S Tsui1314171212166$13,800,650
C H Yip1398137147$11,651,050
C S Shum111081012135$14,922,250
A T Millard11477567$12,000,650
C Fownes1011151313145$11,468,100
K W Lui106104588$10,853,850
L Ho86101213117$8,568,925
A S Cruz717122319152$17,668,900
J Moore710101212129$18,113,350
D E Ferraris7106914129$8,113,950
T P Yung7925286$7,573,250
R Gibson7485683$6,379,350
C W Chang731073102$5,439,850
P O'Sullivan61281011101$9,016,000
D J Hall58810487$8,029,550
A Lee41391512118$6,099,150
K L Man4118615117$7,222,675
M J Freedman4522738$3,963,050
D Cruz4007853$2,842,650