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TrainerWin2nd3rd4th5thTotal RunsStakes Won
Trainers in Service
A T Millard11578560$10,563,400
K H Ting10342035$5,921,350
A S Cruz9957971$12,186,450
C S Shum8658479$8,669,400
C Fownes7644470$7,042,225
Y S Tsui7264973$6,761,150
J Size6637548$9,751,600
K W Lui64129260$7,421,800
W Y So5865865$6,287,050
P F Yiu5757567$7,040,475
J Moore5244648$5,825,100
D J Hall5144435$5,043,200
C H Yip4448967$4,372,175
F C Lor4325239$4,791,600
T P Yung3843243$3,788,150
R Gibson3764861$5,531,725
M J Freedman3331147$3,646,700
D E Ferraris3286567$4,064,100
L Ho21057767$4,267,650
C W Chang1540244$2,473,100
K L Man1454952$2,870,800
P O'Sullivan1222125$1,830,800