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JockeyWin2nd3rd4th5thTotal RidesStakes Won
Jockeys in Service
J Moreira221610512105$18,631,450
Z Purton17191210699$18,066,850
K Teetan157161213108$14,761,650
C Schofield10456669$10,296,050
M F Poon81013101089$10,218,100
S Clipperton8743052$6,859,200
N Rawiller86104662$7,470,350
K C Leung6848695$9,243,000
B Prebble6444566$5,603,600
M L Yeung4667987$4,720,500
H N Wong4268874$4,198,825
T Berry37761167$6,254,000
U Rispoli3554152$4,673,875
C Y Ho3325363$3,954,700
H T Mo2633769$2,853,350
N Callan2558565$3,894,150
M Chadwick2424548$3,272,450
W M Lai2035253$2,007,550
D Whyte1459559$3,239,000
O Doleuze1224136$1,597,350
K C Ng0023332$788,100
H W Lai0000214$95,900
K K Chiong000000$0
T H So000000$0