Sha Tin: 
Sunday, April 23, 2017, Sha Tin, 13:00
All Weather Track, 1200M, Good
Prize Money: $630,000, Rating:40-0, Class 5
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 T054  HAYMAKER  29/03/2017  528  --
2 S130  FOREVER FUN  29/03/2017  528  FOREVER FUN (S130) passing the 300M was brushed and shifted out away from a runner. Passing the 150M was brushed - Race 528.
3 T253  JIMSON THE FAMOUS  05/04/2017  545  JIMSON THE FAMOUS (T253) when questioned regarding the performance, rider stated that it had been hoped that the horse would be able to take up a midfield position from its inside barrier. He said the horse did not begin well and then, despite being hard ridden, failed to muster speed. He said the horse travelled only fairly throughout the middle stages and for that reason he elected to attempt to obtain inside runs after the 600M. He said after being momentarily awkwardly placed behind a runner rounding the Home Turn, he expected that the horse would quicken after obtaining clear running to the outside of that runner passing the 400M. He said however that, despite being placed under heavy pressure in the Straight, the horse did not respond, finished off the race one-paced and was disappointing. Post-race vet inspection did not show any significant findings - Race 545.
4 V389  FORTUNE BROTHERS  02/04/2017  536  --
5 S305  SHINING CHAMPION  29/03/2017  528  --
6 A026  CATCHMEIFYOUCAN  15/03/2017  492  --
7 T233  SOCCER BRAVE  05/04/2017  548  SOCCER BRAVE (T233) for some distance approaching the 1000M travelled keenly and was awkwardly placed close to heels - Race 548.
8 T133  THUNDER DASH  14/01/2017  334  THUNDER DASH (T133) began awkwardly and shortly after the start was bumped. The next day was again examined by the vet who said the horse was lame in its left front leg - Race 334.
9 V064  FAST ROCKET  02/04/2017  536  --
10 V032  NO LAUGHING MATTER  12/03/2017  481  --
11 P064  ALL TIMES LUCKY  29/03/2017  528  --
12 T280  LE PEGASE  17/12/2016  268  LE PEGASE (T280) for the majority of the race travelled wide and without cover and subsequently finished tailed out in the Straight - Race 268.
Standby Horse
1 M255  NOVEL START  22/03/2017  509  --
2 S367  GIDDY GIDDY  05/04/2017  545  --