Sha Tin: 
Sunday, October 08, 2017, Sha Tin, 17:45
Turf, "B+2" Course, 1400M, Good
Prize Money: $1,860,000, Rating:100-80, Class 2
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 V128  RACING SUPERNOVA  12/07/2017  796  --
2 V094  SIMPLY INVINCIBLE  30/04/2017  616  --
3 A114  CALIFORNIA WHIP  24/09/2017  64  --
4 V057  ALMABABY  20/09/2017  54  ALMABABY (V057) for some distance after the 1000M travelled keenly and was awkwardly placed close to heels - Race 054.
5 T186  FIGHT HERO  16/09/2017  43  --
6 S264  LITTLE DRAGON  28/06/2017  767  --
7 P158  SUPER LIFELINE  20/09/2017  54  SUPER LIFELINE (P158) close to the finishing line was brushed - Race 054.
8 V186  BIG BANG BONG  16/07/2017  807  --
9 A238  RISE HIGH      --
10 S358  HEALTHY JOYFUL  24/09/2017  64  HEALTHY JOYFUL (S358) after the 50M rider momentarily lost the use of his left rein - Race 064.
11 T406  CALIFORNIA JOY  13/09/2017  36  CALIFORNIA JOY (T406) at the entrance to the Straight bumped with a runner. A short distance later shifted in after becoming unbalanced - Race 036.
12 V126  GREEN CARD  16/09/2017  46  GREEN CARD (V126) began awkwardly and lost ground - Race 046.
13 A287  FIFTY FIFTY  03/09/2017  9  --
14 A021  LUCKY DOLLAR  20/09/2017  54  LUCKY DOLLAR (A021) at the start was taken out and bumped a runner. When questioned regarding his riding over about the final 100M, rider stated that he rode his mount along in the early part of the Straight to improve into clear running inside a runner. He said when that runner shifted in after the 200M, he directed his mount to the outside of that runner near the 150M and immediately commenced to ride his mount along to improve between that runner and the winner. He said he became aware that the winner was drifting in under pressure and as the former runner was being ridden along by its rider with the whip in the right hand, he was concerned that his mount was not improving its position sufficiently to establish the running between those runners were either one to shift ground as he anticipated they might do. He said he continued to ride his mount along vigorously hands and heels, however, he was reluctant to commence to use the whip on it as he was awkwardly placed between heels of those runners. He added approaching the finishing line the winner shifted in under pressure which resulted in his mount having to be steadied away from heels and not being able to be ridden out all the way to the end of the race. The Stewards informed rider that the vigour that he used on the horse over about the final 100M prior to having to steady his mount due to the shift from a runner had come under notice. He was advised that, wherever circumstances permit, he would be expected to ride his mounts out with sufficient vigour so as to ensure that his riding does not come under query - Race 054.
Standby Horse
1 A247  FAITHFUL TRINITY  09/07/2017  788  --
2 T371  MIDNIGHT RATTLER  24/09/2017  64  --