Sha Tin: 
Saturday, October 14, 2017, Sha Tin, 13:00
Turf, "C" Course, 1600M, Good
Prize Money: $660,000, Rating:40-0, Class 5
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 T063  AMBITIOUS SPEEDY  16/09/2017  40  --
2 T226  BRAVE KNIGHT  24/09/2017  59  BRAVE KNIGHT (T226) began awkwardly and then was bumped. Passing the 150M raced tight - Race 059.
3 S021  GO SANDY GO  14/12/2016  260  --
4 S113  GOLD TALENT  05/10/2017  83  --
5 P354  LIGHTNING AND GOLD  03/09/2017  2  LIGHTNING AND GOLD (P354) after the 300M lay in under pressure. Close to the finishing line raced tight and rider was not able to ride the horse out all the way to the end of the race when tightened - Race 002.
6 P269  ORIENTAL FANTASIA  24/09/2017  56  --
7 V060  GENTLEMEN  01/07/2017  771  --
8 V258  WONDERFUL CHASER  15/03/2017  492  --
9 T280  LE PEGASE  27/09/2017  68  --
10 S441  FURIOUS PEGASUS  10/09/2017  22  FURIOUS PEGASUS (S441) at the start was bumped, became unbalanced and in turn shifted in and bumped a runner. After the race was examined by the vet who said an endoscopic exam showed a substantial amount of mucus in the horse's trachea - Race 022.
11 V063  SUPERNATURAL  20/09/2017  49  SUPERNATURAL (V063) shortly after the start was bumped and became unbalanced. For a considerable distance after passing the winning post on the first occasion got its head on the side and lay out. That resulted in the horse shifting out and bumped a runner, then approaching and passing the 1200M raced tight and again made contact with that runner on a number of occasions - Race 049.