Sha Tin: 
Sunday, December 10, 2017, Sha Tin, 12:25
Turf, "A" Course, 1800M, Good
Prize Money: $1,310,000, Rating:80-55, Class 3
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 A041  CIRCUIT HASSLER  19/11/2017  203  --
2 S355  VICTORY BOYS  29/11/2017  234  VICTORY BOYS (S355) when questioned regarding his riding out of the horse over the final 100 Metres, rider stated that rounding the Home Turn he shifted the horse directly to the outside so as to ensure that it had free and uninterrupted running. He said he immediately placed the horse under pressure including riding the horse out with the whip. When questioned as to why he put the whip away near the 100M, rider stated that he felt that the horse was at its peak and therefore riding it out vigorously hands and heels all the way to the end of the race was all that was required. Rider was advised that his explanation would be reported - Race 234.
3 S332  SERGEANT TITANIUM  19/11/2017  202  --
4 V192  AMAZING AGILITY  19/11/2017  202  AMAZING AGILITY (V192) passing the 200M was checked away from heels and directed in to continue improving - Race 202.
5 S414  KING OF MONGOLIA  29/11/2017  234  --
6 T145  LOTUS STRIKES BACK  19/11/2017  202  LOTUS STRIKES BACK (T145) when questioned, rider stated that approaching the 700M he shifted the horse to the outside a runner and commenced to improve into the race. He said whilst that was earlier in the race than he would have preferred, he was concerned that the field may bunch after the 700M and that if other runners improved quickly from rearward positions, the horse would be left flat-footed and therefore he made the decision to shift to the outside of that runner and gradually improve his way forward. He said the horse responded well when placed under pressure and finished off the race strongly - Race 202.
7 V326  GORGEOUS AGAIN  19/11/2017  202  GORGEOUS AGAIN (V326) post-race vet inspection did not show any significant findings, however, the horse was unable to be scoped due to being fractious - Race 202.
8 V381  LET US WIN  29/11/2017  234  LET US WIN (V381) passing the 200M shifted in of its own accord, then made contact with the rail and became unbalanced - Race 234.
9 A366  TAI SMART  26/11/2017  225  --
10 V407  BRING IT ON  26/11/2017  225  --
11 V337  HAY RUN  19/11/2017  202  HAY RUN (V337) after the 1300M travelled keenly and was awkwardly placed. Approaching the 200M rider dropped his whip - Race 202.
12 V156  KING'S MAN  29/11/2017  234  KING'S MAN (V156) near the 350M got its head on the side and lay in. For the majority of the race travelled wide and without cover - Race 234.
13 T416  CLOUD NINE  29/11/2017  229  CLOUD NINE (T416) when questioned, rider stated that as the start was effected his mount turned its head to the right which resulted in the horse being slow to begin. He said his mount then lost further ground when crowded for room. He said after that he rode his mount along in an endeavour to make up lost ground, however, was only able to obtain a position in about midfield or slightly behind midfield. He said when the tempo of the race slackened approaching the 1200M he shifted out to follow the runner in front forward in the hope of obtaining a position closer to the leaders. He said that runner was able to obtain a forward position easily, however, he had to ride his mount along in an attempt to follow it which allowed the favourite to shift out underneath his mount, resulting in him having to ride his mount harder to improve into a forward position so as not to race unnecessarily wide. He added passing the 1000M he had to continue to ride his mount forward as the 2nd placegetter was shifted out to improve around a runner. He said the 2nd placegetter then took some time to cross that runner and then the runner he had being following which meant that he had to make a sustained run approaching the 600M to also clear runners to his inside to race to the outside of the 2nd placegetter. He said because of the circumstances of the race, which were in contrast to its last start when successful, his mount was not able to finish off the race - Race 229
14 V354  JE PENSE  05/11/2017  167  --
Standby Horse
1 A247  FAITHFUL TRINITY  15/11/2017  198  FAITHFUL TRINITY (A247) at the 1350M lost its right hind plate - Race 198.