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Race Meeting: 04/02/2018    Sha Tin Go
RACE 7 (397)
Class 2 - 1400M - (105-80)Going :GOOD
HK$ 1,860,000Time :(13.57)(36.64)(59.62)(1.22.27)
 Sectional Time :13.5723.0722.9822.65
Plc. Horse No. Horse Jockey TrainerActual
Horse Wt.
Finish TimeWin Odds
18PING HAI STAR(A375)J MoreiraJ Size11812522-
23MR GENUINE(S253)M F PoonD J Hall11911027HD
37KINGSFIELD(T403)A BadelR Gibson118115441-1/4
41RACING SUPERNOVA(V128)Z PurtonW Y So133114782
52NEW ASIA SUNRISE(T268)N RawillerY S Tsui132100962-1/4
69DANCES WITH DRAGON(B129)K C LeungW Y So115114433-1/4
75VERBINSKY(V052)D WhyteM J Freedman123107294
84LIMITLESS(A115)U RispoliC Fownes125112255
910MYTHICAL EMPEROR(T419)W M LaiW Y So1141190106-1/4
106GOOD STANDING(B105)T BerryJ Moore121133016-1/4
Note: Special incidents index
PoolWinning CombinationDividend (HK$)
3 PICK 1
FIRST 41,3,7,8588.00
6TH DOUBLE8/8212.00
2ND DOUBLE TRIO1,7,8/3,7,878,816.00
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Comments on Running
Racing Incident Report
LIMITLESS, which was fractious in the barriers, was slow to begin. PING HAI STAR shifted out at the start and bumped DANCES WITH DRAGON which in turn shifted out and inconvenienced KINGSFIELD. From a wide barrier, RACING SUPERNOVA was steadied in the early stages and shifted across behind runners. Passing the 1300 Metres, DANCES WITH DRAGON raced tight between PING HAI STAR and KINGSFIELD. After also being steadied from a wide barrier in order to obtain cover, VERBINSKY commenced to race keenly after the 1200 Metres and took some time to find cover behind KINGSFIELD. Approaching and passing the 1000 Metres, PING HAI STAR got its head up when awkwardly placed close to the heels of NEW ASIA SUNRISE and then made the turn near the 900 Metres awkwardly. LIMITLESS got its head up and raced ungenerously passing the 1000 Metres when racing close to the heels of VERBINSKY. Approaching the 600 Metres, PING HAI STAR and VERBINSKY raced very tight as PING HAI STAR attempted to shift to the outside of NEW ASIA SUNRISE. As a result of not being able to improve to the outside of NEW ASIA SUNRISE shortly after this when continuing to race tight inside VERBINSKY, PING HAI STAR was awkwardly placed close to the heels of NEW ASIA SUNRISE and passing the 600 Metres got its head up and became unbalanced. PING HAI STAR was held up for clear running in the early part of the Straight and then raced tight with NEW ASIA SUNRISE approaching and passing the 200 Metres when improving into tight running between that horse and KINGSFIELD. DANCES WITH DRAGON was unable to obtain clear running from passing the 300 Metres until near the 200 Metres. When questioned, A Badel stated that he was asked to ride KINGSFIELD in a forward position as it was at its last start when successful. He said after standing in the barriers well, KINGSFIELD was slow to begin and then was inconvenienced by DANCES WITH DRAGON which shifted out. He said this resulted in KINGSFIELD being in the back half of the field in the early stages. He said by being slow to begin, this allowed NEW ASIA SUNRISE and MR GENUINE, both of which began better than KINGSFIELD, to quickly cross his mount in the early stages. He said it was therefore not available for him to ride his mount forward in an endeavour to take up a forward positon. He said in the early stages he was following MR GENUINE in a three wide position and at this time were he attempt to go forward, he would have had to ride KINGSFIELD vigorously which would not have been in the horse’s best interests. He said he therefore attempted to obtain cover on KINGSFIELD and when it appeared as though PING HAI STAR may shift across to race on the rail after the 1300 Metres, he felt that this would enable him to obtain a position one horse off the rail with cover. He said however that PING HAI STAR remained racing in a one-off position which resulted in KINGSFIELD being obliged to race in a three wide position although the horse during this period of the race was able to have cover behind MR GENUINE. He added when MR GENUINE improved its position forward of NEW ASIA SUNRISE near the 800 Metres, this left KINGSFIELD racing without cover, however, at this time it was not reasonably available for him to pursue a more forward position even though the tempo of the race at that stage was not strong. He said he was content to remain racing in a three wide position outside NEW ASIA SUNRISE as this allowed KINGSFIELD the opportunity to have PING HAI STAR positioned to its inside. He said although KINGSFIELD was not able to be as close to the lead as had been anticipated, the horse nonetheless still finished off the race well. Trainer M J Freedman informed the Veterinary Officers that on return to the stables VERBINSKY was found to have blood at both nostrils. A subsequent endoscopic examination of VERBINSKY confirmed the horse to have bled from both nostrils. A veterinary inspection of GOOD STANDING immediately following the race found that horse to have bled from both nostrils. PING HAI STAR and MR GENUINE were sent for sampling.
Breed of the Winning Horse-Online
PING HAI STAR Sire: Nom Du Jeu
Dam: Vicky
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