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Race Meeting: 02/04/2018    Sha Tin Go
RACE 1 (538)
Class 5 - 1200M - (40-0)Going :GOOD
HK$ 660,000Time :(23.79)(46.30)(1.09.71)
 Sectional Time :23.7922.5123.41
Plc. Horse No. Horse Jockey TrainerActual
Horse Wt.
Finish TimeWin Odds
111DRAGON DANCE(V409)M L YeungA Lee12110785-
212THE GREATEST(T435)O DoleuzeD Cruz12211903NOSE
39GOLDEN CANNON(T022)C Y HoK W Lui125958123-1/2
414STARRY STARLIES(T429)W M LaiC W Chang1131162104
510RICHCITY FORTUNE(V088)T BerryJ Moore127115164-1/2
64NEWSWIRE FREE(S407)A SannaP F Yiu132112275-1/4
78OTOUTO(V074)C WongA T Millard1181100135-1/4
85PADDINGTON(A107)K C LeungW Y So131110585-1/4
97THE CHAMP(V271)J MoreiraF C Lor129106545-1/2
1013DON WONGCHOY(V259)C SchofieldY S Tsui116106396-1/4
112KIWI SUNRISE(A077)M F PoonC H Yip128106916-1/4
123ELITE POWER(B059)N RawillerD E Ferraris1321156116-3/4
131HOT HOT PEPPER(V026)H N WongP O'Sullivan1281136147
WX-A6SECRET AGENT(P388)S ClippertonK L Man1291069-------------
Note: Special incidents index
PoolWinning CombinationDividend (HK$)
3 PICK 1
FIRST 49,11,12,1421,078.00
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Comments on Running
Racing Incident Report
On arrival at the Start, S Clipperton expressed concern over the action of SECRET AGENT. An examination of SECRET AGENT conducted by the Veterinary Officer was not able to detect any significant abnormalities. S Clipperton notified the Veterinary Officer that he was not comfortable to ride SECRET AGENT and accordingly the horse was withdrawn from this race by order of the Stewards. Subsequently S Clipperton stated that he had ridden the horse in a gallop on Thursday, 29 March 2018 and whilst the horse did not feel completely comfortable in its action, he was satisfied to ride it in today’s race having in mind that the horse had successfully undertaken its pre-race veterinary inspection yesterday morning. He said however that when cantering to the Start, it was obvious to him that SECRET AGENT did not feel right and for this reason he was not comfortable for the horse to participate in the race. Prior to being permitted to race again, SECRET AGENT will be required to perform satisfactorily in a barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. Just prior to the start being effected, THE CHAMP became fractious and as the gates opened reared and consequently lost a considerable amount of ground. Before being allowed to race again, THE CHAMP will be required to perform satisfactorily in a barrier trial. NEWSWIRE FREE lifted its front feet off the ground as the start was effected and consequently began only fairly. GOLDEN CANNON was severely checked at the start when crowded for room between ELITE POWER which shifted out and OTOUTO which initially shifted in and then shifted in further after becoming badly unbalanced when bumped on the hindquarters by GOLDEN CANNON. GOLDEN CANNON was then shifted across behind runners to obtain cover. STARRY STARLIES shifted in at the start and bumped DON WONGCHOY. STARRY STARLIES and DON WONGCHOY then raced tight and bumped on a number of occasions for a short distance after the start. Passing the 1100 Metres, DON WONGCHOY momentarily raced tight inside STARRY STARLIES which got its head on the side and shifted in away from ELITE POWER. Passing the 1000 Metres, OTOUTO shifted in and bumped PADDINGTON. OTOUTO was then left racing wide and without cover approaching the 800 Metres. Near the 850 Metres, PADDINGTON got its head up when awkwardly placed close to the heels of RICHCITY FORTUNE. After the 700 Metres, STARRY STARLIES commenced to travel keenly and had to be checked away from the heels of PADDINGTON. GOLDEN CANNON, which was following, was checked away from the heels of STARRY STARLIES in consequence. Approaching the 100 Metres, STARRY STARLIES and GOLDEN CANNON raced tight. When questioned, Apprentice M F Poon (KIWI SUNRISE) stated that after the 500 Metres he shifted away from the rail from behind DRAGON DANCE to race behind HOT HOT PEPPER as he believed that HOT HOT PEPPER, which was dropping down in grade today, would be more likely to take his mount further into the Straight. He said after entering the Straight he shifted out from behind HOT HOT PEPPER with a view to improving into running between that horse and RICHCITY FORTUNE, however, near the 400 Metres he was unable to improve into this run due to HOT HOT PEPPER shifting out. He said after the 400 Metres he commenced to shift back to the inside of HOT HOT PEPPER in an endeavour to obtain clear running, however, THE GREATEST had improved its position to be racing inside KIWI SUNRISE and it was then not available for him to continue shifting KIWI SUNRISE to the inside of HOT HOT PEPPER as this would have resulted in interference being caused to THE GREATEST. He added he was awkwardly placed behind HOT HOT PEPPER approaching and passing the 300 Metres and then passing the 250 Metres shifted to the outside of HOT HOT PEPPER in an attempt to again improve between that horse and RICHCITY FORTUNE. He said before he was able to establish running to the outside of HOT HOT PEPPER, he had to steady KIWI SUNRISE when disappointed for running due to RICHCITY FORTUNE shifting in marginally and then HOT HOT PEPPER shifting out away from THE GREATEST. He said this resulted in him having to steady KIWI SUNRISE for a considerable distance after the 200 Metres and it was not until after the 100 Metres that he was able to obtain clear running. When questioned, Apprentice C Wong stated that he was asked to obtain a forward position on OTOUTO from barrier 13 and with cover if possible. He said in accordance with his instructions he rode OTOUTO positively in the early stages and near the 1000 Metres was left racing three wide outside PADDINGTON when unable to show sufficient pace to clear that runner. He said after being ridden along, OTOUTO commenced to travel strongly after the 1000 Metres and although he was unaware that a significant gap had opened up behind PADDINGTON, he felt he would have been unable to steady OTOUTO sufficiently to take advantage of this opening in order to assume the position behind PADDINGTON. Apprentice Wong was advised that whilst the Stewards accepted that it may have been difficult for him to steady OTOUTO sufficiently to position that horse behind PADDINGTON, nonetheless he must ensure that he is alert to the changing circumstances of the race so as to avail himself with more advantageous positions should they become available. A veterinary inspection of HOT HOT PEPPER, KIWI SUNRISE and DON WONGCHOY immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. KIWI SUNRISE, DRAGON DANCE and THE GREATEST were sent for sampling.
Breed of the Winning Horse-Online
DRAGON DANCE Sire: Bianconi
Dam: Fonteyn Star
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