Happy Valley:
Race Meeting: 13/06/2018    Happy Valley Go
RACE 4 (727)
Class 4 - 1200M - (60-40)Going :GOOD
HK$ 880,000Time :(23.54)(46.57)(1.10.22)
 Sectional Time :23.5423.0323.65
Plc. Horse No. Horse Jockey TrainerActual
Horse Wt.
Finish TimeWin Odds
15BUOYANT BOY(A317)Z PurtonK L Man12510045-
28TELECOM MAN(B038)T H SoC H Yip123117123
312MASTER VIKING(S385)C WongA T Millard108118343-3/4
43DR RACE(T284)A SannaD E Ferraris1281048104
57STAR SUPERIOR(V255)O DoleuzeC W Chang125105695
62FLYING MONKEY(T361)H N WongT P Yung126106515-1/4
79THOU SHALL SING(B047)J MoreiraW Y So125104235-1/2
810MANFUL STAR(V010)C SchofieldP F Yiu119112266-1/2
94CLEAR CHOICE(A426)M ChadwickC S Shum1271045117-3/4
1011BEST RUNNER(B036)K TeetanA Lee118112788-3/4
111GOLDEN GLORY(T076)C Y HoK W Lui1291090129
126RUMBA DELAGO(B075)W M LaiY S Tsui125117079-1/4
Note: Special incidents index
PoolWinning CombinationDividend (HK$)
3 PICK 1
FIRST 43,5,8,126,511.00
3RD DOUBLE8/5312.00
1ST DOUBLE TRIO3,8,9/5,8,12271,125.00
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Comments on Running
Racing Incident Report
DR RACE began awkwardly and then from a wide barrier was shifted across behind runners. Also from a wide barrier, STAR SUPERIOR was shifted across behind runners in the early stages to obtain cover. TELECOM MAN and THOU SHALL SING bumped shortly after the start. After travelling a short distance, MANFUL STAR shifted out and bumped RUMBA DELAGO. RUMBA DELAGO then shifted out and bumped BEST RUNNER which, when being restrained to obtain cover from a wide barrier, became unbalanced. Approaching the 1100 Metres, MASTER VIKING was awkwardly placed outside THOU SHALL SING which got its head on the side and lay out. Making the turn after the 1000 Metres, both FLYING MONKEY and THOU SHALL SING lay out. Passing the 500 Metres, TELECOM MAN raced tight between MANFUL STAR which shifted in marginally and BUOYANT BOY which improved into tight running inside TELECOM MAN. K Teetan (BEST RUNNER) dropped his whip near the 100 Metres. As this was the 5th occasion that K Teetan had dropped his whip in races during this season, he was fined the sum of $5,000. K Teetan was advised that as this was the second race meeting in succession that he had been penalized for dropping his whip in races, he was placed on notice that any repetition this season may result in a more significant penalty being imposed. Passing the 100 Metres, DR RACE was awkwardly placed outside FLYING MONKEY which got its head on the side and lay out under pressure. Throughout the race, CLEAR CHOICE travelled wide and without cover and in the Straight gave ground. When questioned, C Y Ho stated that it was intended for GOLDEN GLORY to be ridden in a similar manner tonight to its last start when the horse was able to take up a prominent position from the outside barrier. He said tonight however, despite being hard ridden for a considerable distance in the early stages, GOLDEN GLORY did not show the same speed that it had done previously and because of this was left racing very wide approaching the first turn when racing outside of CLEAR CHOICE which was also being vigorously ridden. He said he therefore elected to steady GOLDEN GLORY passing the 1000 Metres and obtain cover on the horse as GOLDEN GLORY would not have been able to cross CLEAR CHOICE to its inside and would have been required to race very wide. He said after being shifted in behind runners, GOLDEN GLORY appeared to lose interest in the race and despite being ridden along after the 700 Metres was reluctant to improve its position. He said he continued to press GOLDEN GLORY, however, at no time was the horse able to improve its position onto the main body of the field and then in the Straight finished off the race only fairly. He added GOLDEN GLORY felt comfortable in its action, so he was not able to offer any explanation for the horse’s disappointing performance. A veterinary inspection of GOLDEN GLORY immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. The performance of GOLDEN GLORY, a last start winner, was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, GOLDEN GLORY will be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in a barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. When questioned regarding not using the whip on DR RACE in the Home Straight, A Sanna stated that two starts ago when his whip was knocked from his grasp in the Straight, DR RACE finished off the race strongly to be successful. He said at its last start when tested with the whip over the concluding stages, he was of the opinion that DR RACE did not find the line quite as strongly as it did at its previous start. He said therefore when DR RACE was closing off strongly in the Straight, he elected just to slap the horse down the shoulder with the whip and ride it vigorously hands and heels. He added DR RACE again finished off strongly and, in his opinion, responded better than it did at its most recent start. After the race, MASTER VIKING was found to have sustained an overreach wound to the left front heel bulb. A veterinary inspection of CLEAR CHOICE, THOU SHALL SING and MANFUL STAR immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. BUOYANT BOY and TELECOM MAN were sent for sampling.
Breed of the Winning Horse-Online
BUOYANT BOY Sire: Zoffany
Dam: Close To The Edge
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