Happy Valley: 
Wednesday, June 26, 2019, Happy Valley, 19:15
Turf, "B" Course, 1000M, Good
Prize Money: $920,000, Rating:60-40, Class 4
Horse No. Brand No. Horse Name Race Date Race
1 B431  CAO CAO  08/05/2019  646  --
2 B305  EPTIMUM  11/05/2019  653  --
3 B343  GENTLE BREEZE  08/06/2019  722  --
4 V235  TRAVEL DATUK  01/05/2019  621  TRAVEL DATUK (V235) close to the finishing line was awkwardly placed close to heels. Passing the winning post bumped a runner. Post-race vet inspection did not show any significant findings, however, the horse was unable to be scoped due to being fractious - Race 621.
5 C351  AURORA PEGASUS      --
6 C025  HARDLY SWEARS      --
7 C149  CASIMIRO  05/06/2019  716  CASIMIRO (C149) at the start was bumped and became badly unbalanced, then shifted out and bumped another runner - Race 716.
8 C040  AIOLOS  15/05/2019  658  AIOLOS (C040) at the start was bumped, then shifted out and bumped a runner. Approaching the 800M was awkwardly placed inside heels - Race 658.
9 T361  FLYING MONKEY  29/05/2019  698  FLYING MONKEY (T361) making the turn after the 1000M got its head on the side and lay out. After that travelled wide and without cover - Race 698.
10 B263  DEMONS ROCK  05/06/2019  716  DEMONS ROCK (B263) near the 700M was left racing wide and without cover - Race 716.
11 A300  VERY SWEET ORANGE  29/05/2019  696  --
12 A291  GOUTEN OF GARO  22/05/2019  679  GOUTEN OF GARO (A291) the next day was reported by the vet who said the horse was lame in its right front leg - Race 679.
Standby Horse
1 C382  COBY WIN  16/06/2019  742  COBY WIN (C382) after travelling a short distance got its head up and raced ungenerously for a number of strides - Race 742.
2 B359  BEST SMILE  05/06/2019  716  BEST SMILE (B359) after being loaded into the barriers became fractious and reared abruptly, resulted in its rider being dislodged. As rider was not fit to fulfil his race riding engagement on the horse due to injuring his right hand in that incident, the horse was withdrawn by order of the Stewards - Race 716.