Handicapping Policy

Weight Scale & Allowances

  1. In all handicaps, the highest rated entry in the field, plus the first three reserves, shall be allocated 135lb, unless the weight range for the race is 14lb or less, in which case the lowest weighted entry in the field, plus the first three reserves, shall be allocated 120lb, and the other entries weighted relative to that weight. Calculations shall be made after any weight-for-age allowance has been taken into account. Should any horse lower than reserve number 3 obtain a run or become a stand-by declared starter at the time of declaration, the weight for this horse and all other horses in the race shall be adjusted if necessary. In any event, the maximum weight shall be 135lb, and the minimum weight shall be not less than 115lb.
  2. 2-year-olds will receive a 5lb weight-for-age allowance in all handicaps, where applicable.
  3. Horses which are entitled to a 5lb weight-for-age allowance may be entered in handicap races for which the published upper rating limit is up to and including 5lb below their handicap rating.

Class Structure

  1. There will be five race classes in addition to Pattern and Griffin races. In handicap races, the standard upper rating limit for each class will be as follows :
Race Class Standard
Upper Rating Limit
1 -
2 100
3 80
4 60
5 40

Adjustment of Ratings

  1. The maximum rating increase for horses placed second to fifth in a race shall be 5 rating points. No rating increase will be made to horses placed sixth or lower in any race.

Allocation of Ratings

  1. Ratings for new imports will be as follows:

    Previously Raced Horses (PP)

    Ratings will be allocated based on The Hong Kong Jockey Club Handicappers' assessment of overseas performance.

    Privately Purchased Griffins (PPG) and International Sale Griffins (ISG)

    a. PPG and ISG which are 3 years old on 31st December will be allocated an initial rating of 52 (male) or 48 (female) on arrival.

    b. PPG and ISG which are 2 years old on 31st December will be eligible to race in Griffin races.

    c. From 1st January, Northern Hemisphere-bred PPG and ISG which were 2 years old on 31st December will also be eligible to be entered for standard class handicaps. A rating will be allocated to any such horse at the time of entry; unraced males will be rated 52, unraced females will be rated 48, while the rating allocated to a horse which has raced will be at the discretion of the Handicapper.

    d. A trainer may request that a rating be allocated to the winner of a Griffin race.

    e. A winner of two Griffin races will be allocated a rating immediately.

    f. No horse allocated a rating will be eligible for Griffin races unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the Griffin race.

    g. The minimum initial rating allocated to a Griffin winner will be 57.

    h. The maximum initial rating for a maiden Griffin which has been placed second, third or fourth will be 57, and that for a raced but unplaced Griffin will be 52.

    i. All unrated Griffins will be allocated an initial rating at the end of the season.

    j. Griffins which are unraced at the end of the season will be allocated an initial rating of 52 (male) or 48 (female).


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