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TrainerWin2nd3rd4th5thTotal RunsStakes Won
Trainers in Service
J Size3332232022226$57,368,500
C S Shum2719182125237$27,490,130
A S Cruz2424202220238$48,492,350
J Moore2416161714187$48,638,150
K H Ting23101466127$15,218,870
F C Lor212118139162$56,203,400
Y S Tsui2114161824239$22,320,810
A T Millard2112161512158$23,216,660
C H Yip1912192425230$18,104,075
C Fownes1724162017214$23,284,300
L Ho1314141820202$15,020,840
D J Hall137121319166$15,886,825
P F Yiu1223151314192$18,763,300
W Y So1219211315226$15,661,900
R Gibson1218162421189$19,968,545
K L Man1211151717183$13,798,780
K W Lui1119232315186$18,273,325
T P Yung916101318148$10,923,140
D E Ferraris910171313206$11,703,140
C W Chang7111197155$7,693,500
P O'Sullivan471199136$6,882,460
M J Freedman4555270$5,284,000
M Hashida010001$6,160,000
Y Tomomichi010001$5,500,000
Y Yahagi010002$4,400,000
D K Weld001001$2,000,000
H Asami000101$1,596,000
Y Ikee000011$825,000
A Fabre000012$660,000
A M Balding000001$0
A P O'Brien000001$0
C Fellowes000001$0
C Waller000001$0
D R C Elsworth000001$0
E A L Dunlop000001$0
Ed Walker000001$0
H Fujiwara000001$0
J P O'Brien000001$0
K Nishiura000001$0
S Gray000001$0
S Kirk000001$0
Sir M R Stoute000001$0
W J Haggas000001$0
Y Takahashi000001$0