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TrainerWin2nd3rd4th5thTotal RunsStakes Won
Trainers in Service
A S Cruz2117111914170$42,160,450
K H Ting19895293$11,936,770
J Size1717151417150$36,887,800
C S Shum1711151617175$17,740,480
J Moore177121211132$39,494,400
A T Millard169141210122$18,791,960
F C Lor1413985105$44,733,200
Y S Tsui1412121218168$16,467,210
C Fownes1219111314157$18,487,650
C H Yip117141619156$11,648,325
P F Yiu1015101011135$13,313,275
D J Hall10610913112$13,100,325
W Y So91512812149$11,389,650
R Gibson911101814128$14,418,045
D E Ferraris9814108147$10,680,790
K W Lui815191410130$14,001,750
L Ho81191412145$9,804,590
K L Man81010713122$10,214,980
T P Yung712781199$7,953,790
C W Chang39973106$5,093,650
P O'Sullivan3478692$4,953,910
M J Freedman4555270$5,284,000
M Hashida010001$6,160,000
Y Tomomichi010001$5,500,000
Y Yahagi010002$4,400,000
D K Weld001001$2,000,000
H Asami000101$1,596,000
Y Ikee000011$825,000
A Fabre000012$660,000
A M Balding000001$0
A P O'Brien000001$0
C Fellowes000001$0
C Waller000001$0
D R C Elsworth000001$0
E A L Dunlop000001$0
Ed Walker000001$0
H Fujiwara000001$0
J P O'Brien000001$0
K Nishiura000001$0
S Gray000001$0
S Kirk000001$0
Sir M R Stoute000001$0
W J Haggas000001$0
Y Takahashi000001$0