Happy Valley:

Race Meeting:  11/01/2023   Happy Valley

RACE 4 (324)
Class 2 - 1000M - (100-80) Going : GOOD
CANNON HANDICAP Course : TURF - "B" Course
HK$ 2,640,000 Time : (12.49) (33.15) (56.51)
Sectional Time : 12.49 20.66
09.86  10.80
11.47  11.89
Pla. Horse No. Horse Jockey Trainer Act. Wt. Declar. Horse Wt. Dr. LBW Running
Finish Time Win Odds
1 2 HANDSOME BO BO (B119) H Bowman C S Shum 128 1249 8 -
0:56.51 12
 2 5 PING HAI GALAXY (C377) K Teetan J Size 126 1126 1 N
0:56.57 7.1
3 10 POWER KOEPP (E301) S De Sousa J Size 119 1102 2 N
0:56.58 6.6
4 7 ASTROLOGER (G102) K C Leung P C Ng 122 1152 5 1-1/2
0:56.75 9.3
5 8 STREET SCREAM (D234) C Y Ho A S Cruz 121 1280 4 1-3/4
0:56.80 4.7
6 1 WHIZZ KID (E392) Z Purton A S Cruz 135 1157 9 2-3/4
0:56.94 2.4
7 4 HARMONY AND RICH (D110) Y L Chung Y S Tsui 116 1144 7 2-3/4
0:56.97 26
8 3 KEEP YOU WARM (D272) L Hewitson K W Lui 128 1172 3 3-1/4
0:57.03 31
9 9 CLASSIC UNICORN (C343) H N Wong W Y So 116 1201 6 4-1/4
0:57.21 80
10 6 WE THE SOUTH (D149) V Borges F C Lor 123 1150 10 4-3/4
0:57.26 35

Note: Special Incidents Index

Pool Winning Combination Dividend (HK$)
WIN 2 121.50
PLACE 2 31.50
5 19.00
10 18.00
QUINELLA 2,5 398.50
2,10 80.50
5,10 46.50
3 PICK 1
A3 52.00
FORECAST 2,5 869.00
TIERCE 2,5,10 3,689.00
TRIO 2,5,10 447.00
FIRST 4 2,5,7,10 991.00
QUARTET 2,5,10,7 29,209.00
3RD DOUBLE 2/2 845.50
2/5 72.00
Dividend Note: For Winning Combination, "F" denotes "Any Combination" while "M" denotes "Any Order".

Finish Photo

Racing Incident Report

ASTROLOGER began only fairly and on jumping bumped STREET SCREAM.
HARMONY AND RICH shifted out at the start and bumped HANDSOME BO BO. HANDSOME BO BO was then crowded for room a short distance after the start between HARMONY AND RICH which shifted out and then shifted out further after being bumped on the hindquarters by HANDSOME BO BO and WHIZZ KID which was crowded for room inside WE THE SOUTH which, after shifting in marginally, then shifted in further as a result of becoming unbalanced when bumped on the hindquarters by WHIZZ KID. In this incident, WHIZZ KID also became unbalanced. After this, WE THE SOUTH was directed out to relieve the crowding to runners on its inside and HANDSOME BO BO was shifted across behind runners.
Despite being vigorously ridden along in the early stages, STREET SCREAM became detached from the field in the middle stages.
Rounding the Home Turn, PING HAI GALAXY raced tight inside HARMONY AND RICH which got its head on the side and lay in away from the heels of WHIZZ KID.
Approaching the 100 Metres, ASTROLOGER was shifted out away from the heels of HARMONY AND RICH which shifted out under pressure.
At the 100 Metres, POWER KOEPP was bumped by CLASSIC UNICORN which shifted in when giving ground. STREET SCREAM, which was following POWER KOEPP and badly held up for clear running, was shifted in away from the heels of that horse near the 75 Metres. STREET SCREAM then continued to be held up for running over the concluding stages and because of this was not able to be properly tested.
When questioned, Apprentice Y L Chung stated that he was instructed to ride HARMONY AND RICH positively in the early stages and lead the race if possible. He said in accordance with his instructions he rode his mount along for some distance in the early stages in order to maintain its position outside CLASSIC UNICORN which was also being ridden positively. He said approaching the 800 Metres he was concerned that CLASSIC UNICORN may not show enough speed to be able to cross PING HAI GALAXY on its inside and as he felt that he may be required to race three wide and without cover, he continued to ride his mount along with a view to crossing CLASSIC UNICORN if that horse was steadied to race outside PING HAI GALAXY. He added after the 800 Metres CLASSIC UNICORN was able to improve forward of PING HAI GALAXY and when his mount was not showing enough speed to continue to maintain its position outside CLASSIC UNICORN and the race was being run at a fast tempo, he steadied his mount to obtain cover behind WHIZZ KID. Apprentice Chung was advised that his explanation would be reported, however, in the circumstances, in the opinion of the Stewards, bearing in mind the pace that the race was being run at approaching and passing the 800 Metres, it would have been in the best interests of HARMONY AND RICH to be steadied earlier than it was rather than continuing to be ridden along in an attempt to obtain the lead.
After the race, Z Purton (WHIZZ KID) stated that due to HARMONY AND RICH being ridden along for a considerable distance in the early stages to the inside of WHIZZ KID, he had to make more use of his mount than he had hoped in order to cross that horse to race outside the lead after the 600 Metres. He said because of the amount of use that he had to make of WHIZZ KID, the horse was then not able to finish the race off when carrying top weight in tonight’s race. A veterinary inspection of WHIZZ KID immediately following the race did not show any significant findings.
After the race, an endoscopic examination was conducted on HANDSOME BO BO at the request of Trainer C S Shum. The Veterinary Surgeon said this examination showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse’s trachea. Before being allowed to race again, HANDSOME BO BO will be subjected to an official veterinary examination.
WHIZZ KID, HANDSOME BO BO and PING HAI GALAXY were sent for sampling.
<12/1/2023 Additional Veterinary Reports> The Veterinary Surgeon reported that WE THE SOUTH was found to be lame in its left front leg on the morning after racing. Before being allowed to race again, WE THE SOUTH will be subjected to an official veterinary examination.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online

Sire: Helmet

Dam: Sadler's Girl

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