Race 10 (248)

PARIS HANDICAP   Rating:100-80   1600m   Sha Tin   Good

Section 1

Placing Horse
Horse Name Jockey Gear Comment
1 6 SICHUAN SUCCESS (L307) D Whyte TT Positive break, assumed race spot 3Ls off pace 2 wide with cover, travelled well to bend, loomed up and took over at 300 M, scored nicely.
2 10 SEMOS (M125) T Angland -- Crowded at start, faded back to tail, 8Ls back on rails throughout, saved ground turning and slightly crowded at 400 M, finally clear at 150 M and did best work late.
3 14 FAT CHOY OOHLALA (L250) Y T Cheng -- Slotted into running line 5Ls away in mid-section, same margin down to bend, came to middle of course and closed soundly for 3rd.
4 1 CALIFORNIA MEMORY (L135) M Chadwick -- Began fairly, pushed up to race in midfield 4Ls back on rails, had an easy time to bend, kept coming in straight and went down in 3 way go for place.
5 4 HANDSOME ZULU (M024) H W Lai B1 Prominent from outset, raced outside leader on a decent tempo, led briefly at 250 M, lost place final 150 M.
6 12 NORTH HILL (CJ082) M Guyon -- Crowded early and taken back from an awkward draw, 3 wide 6 to 7Ls back in mid-section, cut back to inside in straight and made some late ground without threatening.
7 8 TREASURE LANDS (L407) W C Marwing SR Restrained from outside alley, 3 wide 7Ls or so away, had cover to turn, still well back and came widest in straight, made some nice ground late.
8 5 HAPPY BOY (L299) G Mosse -- Away smoothly, took closer order than usual, raced 2Ls back to bend, niggled turning and looked a place hope but didn't find much and faded final furlong.
9 2 SILVER GRECIAN (L323) D Beadman SR/TT Pressed on to take up running from a wide gate, rolled along OK in front, pressured from turn at there to 200 M, no response thereafter.
10 3 OUTDOOR PEGASUS (L173) B Prebble TT1 Drifted back from an awkward draw, raced 3 and 4 wide at rear 7Ls back, did too much work on bend, spent force final 300 M.
11 11 BEST FRIEND (CH240) C Williams -- Moderate jump, midfield 3 wide with cover 5 to 6Ls back, made some ground on bend, 1 paced in straight.
12 9 PRESTO (CJ048) B Doyle -- No early speed, settled in rear division 6 to 7Ls back in running line, had pace to suit, found little in run home, just battling late.
13 7 YUE LU TREASURE (CJ184) C W Wong B No early speed, settled 6Ls or so away on rails, quiet time to turn, didn't respond in straight. (Rider lost whip at 300 M.)
14 13 LAMBRO (CH083) J Lloyd B/TT Out in line, pressed on but raced 2 to 3 wide in mid-section, 4 to 5Ls back on bend, found little in run home.
B : Blinkers BO : Blinker with one cowl only CC : Cornell Collar CP : Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO : Sheepskin Cheek Piece One Side E : Ear Plugs H : Hood P : Pacifier
PC : Pacifier with cowls PS : Pacifier with one cowl SB : Sheepskin Browband SR : Shadow Roll
TT : Tongue Tie V : Visor VO : Visor with one cowl XB : Crossed Nose Band
"1" : First time "2" : Replaced "-" : Removed