Race 2 (557)

SEVERN HANDICAP   Rating:60-40   1400m   Sha Tin   Good To Firm

Section 1

Placing Horse
Horse Name Jockey Gear Comment
1 4 WIN WIN (B472) Z Purton B1 At back, 2-3 wide, benefited by the fast pace, made steady ground 400M to score with ease.
2 13 DESTIN (V417) K C Leung B Midfield along the fence, suited by the fast pace, held up 4-2, progressed steadily when clear.
3 6 MONICA (B271) K H Chan B/TT Hard ridden forward, trapped 3 wide, harmed by the fast pace, led 400M, overhauled 200M, ran on for 3rd.
4 14 FLYING NOBLE (A267) M F Poon -- Hard ridden forward, sat 2 wide, just held ground in straight.
5 7 EZRA (C056) R Bayliss XB/B1 Very slow away, at rear, suited by the fast pace, progressed steadily 300M.
6 11 FORTUNE HAPPINESS (B128) C Y Ho TT Pushed forward, box seat, not suited by the fast sectionals, emptied 200M.
7 10 BRAVE COMMAND (B434) J Moreira -- Hard ridden to hold the rail in front of midfield, weakened 250M.
8 2 MASTER ALBERT (A296) M Harley E/TT Eased back, trapped 3 wide, favoured by the fast tempo, ran on fairly.
9 12 WICKER (B425) H N Wong B Bumped start, eased back, suited by the fast pace, lack turn of foot.
10 8 SKY GEM (C251) N Callan -- Eased at start, took rail at rear, favoured by the fast pace, never improved.
11 3 MCQUEEN (V013) M Chadwick B- Eased at start. 2 wide, benefited by the fast tempo, no progress.
12 1 EPTIMUM (B305) T H So H/TT Hard ridden to take rail and led at fast sectionals, faded 350M.
13 5 OUR GREEN (B448) U Rispoli B Never a factor.
14 9 SUPREME PLUS (C252) K Teetan TT1 Hard ridden forward, sat 2 wide, harmed by the fast pace, dropped off quickly 400M.
B : Blinkers BO : Blinker with one cowl only CC : Cornell Collar CP : Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO : Sheepskin Cheek Piece One Side E : Ear Plugs H : Hood P : Pacifier
PC : Pacifier with cowls PS : Pacifier with one cowl SB : Sheepskin Browband SR : Shadow Roll
TT : Tongue Tie V : Visor VO : Visor with one cowl XB : Crossed Nose Band
"1" : First time "2" : Replaced "-" : Removed