Race 3 (217)

ALBATROSS HANDICAP   Rating:60-40   1200m   Happy Valley   Good

Section 1

Placing Horse
Horse Name Jockey Gear Comment
1 7 SMART IDEA (E344) H Bentley H/TT Settled in midfield, 3 wide but with cover, swung wide on Straightening, made ground and scored by 1/2L.
2 11 MOON PEAKS (C403) H W Lai B/H Raced next to the leader, 2 wide, ran on well to the finishing line to take 2nd.
3 8 AHEAD A HEAD (E072) C L Chau B Raced in midfield, 2 wide, closed off well to the line and finished 3rd.
4 6 SAVVY DELIGHT (E386) Z Purton TT1 Raced in behind midfield, 2 wide, raced keenly throughout, made some ground and ran on okay for 4th.
5 12 THE JOLLY (E263) M L Yeung B/TT Raced in behind midfield, along the rail, had difficult to obtain clear running in the Straight, ran on only fairly.
6 9 TREASURE OF FIELD (E288) A Hamelin B1/TT Sent forward and took lead, along the rail, weakened and headed in the last 100M.
7 10 CORDYCEPS TWO (E259) H N Wong -- At rear, along the rail, made minor ground in the Straight only.
8 3 HUNKY DORY (E438) R Maia B1 Raced in behind midfield, along the rail after 600M, only one paced.
9 2 INNO LEGEND (D361) J Moreira V Raced prominently, wide no cover, weakened after passing the 100M.
10 4 JUBILATION (G029) H T Mo V At rear, 2 wide, no progress.
11 5 MASTER AQUA (E417) B Shinn CP1 Raced in front of midfield, along the rail, near the 300M became unbalanced when crowded for room, weakened thereafter.
B : Blinkers BO : Blinker with one cowl only CC : Cornell Collar CP : Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO : Sheepskin Cheek Piece One Side E : Ear Plugs H : Hood P : Pacifier
PC : Pacifier with cowls PS : Pacifier with one cowl SB : Sheepskin Browband SR : Shadow Roll
TT : Tongue Tie V : Visor VO : Visor with one cowl XB : Crossed Nose Band
"1" : First time "2" : Replaced "-" : Removed