Race Meeting:  22/04/2007   Sha Tin

RACE 11 (544)
Class 2 - 1400M - (95-75) Going : GOOD TO FIRM
MACAU HANDICAP Course : TURF - "C+3" Course
HK$ 1,000,000 Time : (13.50) (34.90) (57.40) (1:20.40)
Sectional Time : 13.50 21.40 22.50 23.00
Pla. Horse No. Horse Jockey Trainer Act. Wt. Declar. Horse Wt. Dr. LBW Finish Time Win Odds
1 14 POCKET MONEY (CE253) F Coetzee J Size 115 1018 5 - 1:20.40 3.8
2 5 EGYPTIAN RA (CE002) E Saint-Martin D J Hall 123 1141 1 1-3/4 1:20.60 4.2
3 4 WHATABOB (CD213) O Doleuze J Moore 125 1193 2 3-3/4 1:20.90 17
4 10 SKYVIEW BAR (CG024) S Dye A Lee 120 1162 3 3-3/4 1:20.90 5.9
5 12 EQUATOR KID (CC134) S K Sit Y S Tsui 114 1140 8 5-3/4 1:21.20 99
6 9 SIR GALAHAD (CG272) A Delpech P O'Sullivan 121 980 4 6 1:21.30 13
7 8 GREAT GUY (CH112) K L Chui A S Cruz 114 1027 7 6 1:21.30 13
8 13 SUNNY KING (CH105) Y T Cheng J Moore 123 1153 11 7 1:21.40 31
9 7 DIAMOND BRILLIANCE (CH002) K M Chin K L Man 122 1134 9 9-3/4 1:21.90 79
10 3 ALBERTINELLI (CH111) E Legrix K W Lui 125 1231 14 10-1/4 1:22.00 97
11 2 GALLANT LION (CG243) C K Tong C Fownes 121 1073 6 10-3/4 1:22.10 11
12 1 TOWERING FEELING (CG262) D Whyte D E Ferraris 130 1176 12 13-1/4 1:22.40 6.2
13 6 CHEERFUL MASTER (CE309) C W Wong A Lee 115 1165 10 14 1:22.60 31
WX-A 11 IRON FIST (CH143) M Nunes A T Millard 117 --- --- --- --- ---
WV CONGRATS (CG298) Y T Cheng C H Yip 114 --- --- --- --- ---

Note: Special Incidents Index

Pool Winning Combination Dividend (HK$)
WIN 14 38.50
PLACE 14 16.00
5 15.50
4 33.00
QUINELLA 5,14 102.50
4,14 123.50
4,5 124.50
TIERCE 14,5,4 2,343.00
TRIO 4,5,14 547.00
FIRST 4 4,5,10,14 325.00
5TH DOUBLE 13/11,14 201.00
13/5 38.00
12TH DOUBLE TRIO 3,6,13,14/4>5,11,14 27,962.00
SIX UP 5,14/5,12/4,8/2,3/13,14/5,11,14 33,516.00
5/12/4/3/13/11,14 5,106,375.00
Dividend Note: For Winning Combination, "F" denotes "Any Combination" while "M" denotes "Any Order".

Racing Incident Report

CONGRATS was withdrawn on 21.4.07 by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice (lame left fore) and was replaced by Standby Declared Starter SUNNY KING (Y T Cheng). Before being allowed to race again, CONGRATS will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. After arriving at the Start, it was noted IRON FIST had spread its right front plate. The plate was removed. The farrier reported to the Starter that due to the behaviour of IRON FIST, he was not able to re-plate the horse. Acting on this advice, the Stewards ordered the withdrawal of IRON FIST. EQUATOR KID began awkwardly. On jumping, WHATABOB was crowded for room between EGYPTIAN RA and SKYVIEW BAR, both of which shifted ground. Also on jumping, SUNNY KING got its head up. SKYVIEW BAR made the Home Turn awkwardly and hung out. At the 350 Metres, GREAT GUY was carried wider by POCKET MONEY which shifted to the outside of SKYVIEW BAR into clear running. Throughout the race, CHEERFUL MASTER travelled wide and without cover. S Dye (SKYVIEW BAR) explained approaching the 800 Metres WHATABOB had improved on his inside, he therefore, bearing in mind EGYPTIAN RA was leading at a tempo to suit, rode along to hold his position towards the outside of that horse and consequently kept GREAT GUY in a three wide position on his outside. He said he was concerned if he had allowed GREAT GUY to cross at this time, the horse would then steady in front of him, resulting in him losing ground. The explanation submitted by S Dye was accepted. When questioned, D Whyte (TOWERING FEELING) said he had been instructed from a wide barrier to attempt to find cover and not to dispute the lead. He said TOWERING FEELING began well and he rode along in the early stages. He said passing the 1200 Metres when he was still racing clear on the track, for him to have shifted in would have resulted in interference to runners to his inside. He said if he were to continue riding along to ensure he cleared those runners, he would then be left racing in a forward position, wide and without cover. He said because of this near the 1200 Metres he commenced to steady his mount in an endeavour to find a position with cover as instructed. He said at the same time he steadied his mount, SUNNY KING which was racing to his inside was also steadied and as a consequence he was required to take his mount further back than intended before obtaining cover behind CHEERFUL MASTER near the 800 Metres albeit in a four wide position. He said after straightening TOWERING FEELING did not respond to his riding and was most disappointing in the manner in which it finished the race off. He added in his opinion the manner in which TOWERING FEELING closed the race off was not attributable to it travelling four wide as it had cover. D Whyte was told his explanation would be reported. The performance of TOWERING FEELING was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, TOWERING FEELING will have to perform competitively in an official barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. TOWERING FEELING, GALLANT LION and CHEERFUL MASTER were sent for an official veterinary inspection. A veterinary inspection of TOWERING FEELING, GALLANT LION and CHEERFUL MASTER after the race did not show any significant findings. POCKET MONEY and EGYPTIAN RA were sent for sampling.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online

Sire: Namid

Dam: Duck Over

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