Race Meeting:  09/03/2008   Sha Tin

RACE 10 (454)
Class 1 - 1600M - (105-80) Going : GOOD
CHAI WAN HANDICAP Course : TURF - "C+3" Course
HK$ 1,600,000 Time : (25.30) (49.90) (1:13.50) (1:35.70)
Sectional Time : 25.30 24.60 23.60 22.20
Pla. Horse No. Horse Jockey Trainer Act. Wt. Declar. Horse Wt. Dr. LBW Finish Time Win Odds
1 2 HELENE BRILLIANT (CH174) K L Chui A S Cruz 126 1153 6 - 1:35.70 13
2 11 SIGHT WINNER (CJ049) D Whyte J Size 115 1081 3 3/4 1:35.80 1.8
3 3 HAIL THE STORM (CE125) O Doleuze C Fownes 128 1131 5 1-3/4 1:35.90 6.1
4 10 FLYING TAMARI (CG151) W M Lai A Lee 112 1104 10 2 1:36.00 28
5 4 FUJI SUNRISE (CD100) B Prebble D J Hall 126 1139 9 3-1/2 1:36.20 11
6 8 RICE FIELD (CE134) C K Tong J Moore 110 1099 1 3-3/4 1:36.20 24
7 6 JADE DRAGONFLY (CE331) Z Purton P O'Sullivan 117 1188 7 3-3/4 1:36.30 30
8 1 SUNNY KING (CH105) C W Wong J Moore 128 1201 2 4-3/4 1:36.40 12
9 9 CARRIZO CREEK (CE132) Y T Cheng J Moore 113 1090 4 4-3/4 1:36.40 8.9
10 7 DORDENMA (CE333) E Wilson C H Yip 115 1227 8 5-1/4 1:36.50 39
WV 5 SUPREME GAINS (CG057) G Mosse K L Man 122 --- --- --- --- ---

Note: Special Incidents Index

Pool Winning Combination Dividend (HK$)
WIN 2 132.50
PLACE 2 21.00
11 11.50
3 14.50
QUINELLA 2,11 101.00
2,3 96.50
3,11 27.00
TIERCE 2,11,3 1,898.00
TRIO 2,3,11 205.00
FIRST 4 2,3,10,11 1,055.00
9TH DOUBLE 5/2 1,735.00
5/11 45.50
Dividend Note: For Winning Combination, "F" denotes "Any Combination" while "M" denotes "Any Order".

Racing Incident Report

SUPREME GAINS was withdrawn on 6.3.08 by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice (lame right hind). Before being allowed to race again, SUPREME GAINS will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. DORDENMA, which was leaning against the gates, began awkwardly. When the pace slackened near the 900 Metres, SIGHT WINNER got its head up, proved difficult to settle and shifted out away from the heels of RICE FIELD. CARRIZO CREEK and SUNNY KING, which were following and were both proving difficult to settle, were checked in consequence. A short distance later, SIGHT WINNER was taken in by FLYING TAMARI which shifted in slightly. CARRIZO CREEK, which was continuing to prove difficult to settle and had improved to the inside of SIGHT WINNER, was checked. SUNNY KING, which was following CARRIZO CREEK, was also checked in consequence. As the Stewards did not believe any rider was at fault in this incident, no action was taken. After this incident, SIGHT WINNER continued to prove difficult to settle and was awkwardly placed close to the heels of FLYING TAMARI. For some distance approaching and passing the 600 Metres, CARRIZO CREEK was awkwardly placed inside the heels of SIGHT WINNER. Passing the 600 Metres, JADE DRAGONFLY was checked away from the heels of SIGHT WINNER. For the majority of the Home Straight, SIGHT WINNER hung in and proved difficult to ride. For the majority of the race, DORDENMA travelled wide and without cover. When questioned, Apprentice C W Wong (SUNNY KING) said the horse threw its head up as the gates opened, as a result he became unbalanced, came back on the horse’s mouth which resulted in the horse continuing to get its head up and losing ground. Apprentice Wong was advised to ensure he gives his mounts every opportunity to begin with the field. CARRIZO CREEK was sent for an official veterinary inspection. A veterinary inspection of CARRIZO CREEK after the race did not show any significant findings. HELENE BRILLIANT and SIGHT WINNER were sent for sampling.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online

Sire: Dr Fong

Dam: Molly Brown

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