Race Meeting:  08/01/2017   Sha Tin

RACE 3 (318)
Group Three - 1000M Going : GOOD TO FIRM
HK$ 3,000,000 Time : (12.89) (33.37) (55.90)
Sectional Time : 12.89 20.48 22.53
Pla. Horse No. Horse Jockey Trainer Act. Wt. Declar. Horse Wt. Dr. LBW Running
Finish Time Win Odds
1 2 AMAZING KIDS (T179) J Moreira J Size 132 1159 1 -
0:55.90 5.8
2 3 NOT LISTENIN'TOME (T235) Z Purton J Moore 132 1158 5 1-1/2
0:56.16 5.2
3 1 PENIAPHOBIA (S143) S De Sousa A S Cruz 133 1143 6 3-1/4
0:56.46 5.5
4 4 AMBER SKY (N241) M L Yeung P F Yiu 115 1169 3 4-1/4
0:56.59 7.4
5 5 BAD BOY (V251) C Schofield J Moore 115 1228 4 5-1/4
0:56.76 2
6 6 ADVENTURER (V066) K K Chiong Y S Tsui 113 1089 2 8-1/2
0:57.26 24

Note: Special Incidents Index

Pool Winning Combination Dividend (HK$)
WIN 2 58.00
PLACE 2 29.50
3 24.00
QUINELLA 2,3 139.50
TIERCE 2,3,1 746.00
TRIO 1,2,3 105.00
FIRST 4 1,2,3,4 87.00
QUARTET 2,3,1,4 2,350.00
2ND DOUBLE 5/2 385.50
5/3 33.50
Dividend Note: For Winning Combination, "F" denotes "Any Combination" while "M" denotes "Any Order".

Racing Incident Report

On jumping, NOT LISTENIN’TOME was checked and BAD BOY hampered when crowded for room between PENIAPHOBIA and AMBER SKY, both of which shifted ground.
For some distance after the 500 Metres, PENIAPHOBIA raced tight outside ADVENTURER.
Passing the 100 Metres, BAD BOY shifted out and inconvenienced ADVENTURER, resulting in C Schofield, the rider of BAD BOY, having to stop riding and straighten his mount.
When questioned, Z Purton stated that it had been intended for NOT LISTENIN’TOME to be ridden in a handy position. He said however after being checked at the start and due to the good tempo of the race in the early stages, NOT LISTENIN’TOME raced much further off the pace than had been intended.
When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of BAD BOY, C Schofield stated that after being crowded for room on jumping he had to urge his mount along in the early stages to obtain a trailing position behind the leaders. He said it was not until after the 800 Metres that BAD BOY commenced to travel well, however, the horse came off the bridle soon after the 500 Metres and then did not respond to his riding thereafter. He added although BAD BOY was stepping up significantly in grade today, nonetheless the horse was disappointing in its failure to finish off the race. A veterinary inspection of BAD BOY immediately following the race including an endoscopic examination showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse's trachea. Before being allowed to race again, BAD BOY will be subjected to an official veterinary examination.
BAD BOY, AMAZING KIDS and NOT LISTENIN’TOME were sent for sampling.
<9/1/2016 Additional Veterinary Report>BAD BOY, which performed poorly, was examined by the Veterinary Officer who said at that time an endoscopic examination showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse’s trachea. BAD BOY was again examined by the Veterinary Officer at the stables of Trainer J Moore this morning. He said at this time he noted the horse to be lame in its right front leg with minor wounds and associated swelling. As previously advised, BAD BOY will be subjected to an official veterinary examination before being allowed to race again.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online

Sire: Falkirk

Dam: Cadence

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