Race 5 (707)

HAWTHORN HANDICAP   Rating:60-40   1000m   Happy Valley   Good To Firm

Section 1

Placing Horse
Horse Name Jockey Gear Comment
1 2 SUPER AXIOM (E105) Y L Chung H/P/TT Jumped well, sent forward to race prominently, took the lead near 700M, enjoyed the easy lead on turn, kept on very well in straight, won by 3/4L.
2 9 ACE TALENT (H046) C Y Ho H/PC/TT Shifted in at start and bumped, positioned a length behind the leader, easy run to turn, finished off well to take 2nd, always held.
3 10 GOOD VIEW GLORY (H154) A Hamelin -- Moderately away, raced in midfield on rail, saved ground on turn, finished off strongly to take a place.
4 12 PLENTIFUL (G400) M Dee CP/H/XB Average to begin, raced better than midfield on the inside, saved ground on turn, finished off evenly.
5 4 MR VALIANT (G288) M Chadwick H-/XB- Taken back to race 2 wide behind midfield, 7 lengths or so back on turn, very wide into straight, made good progress in the run home to be nearest on line.
6 8 NICETOBEMET (H094) A Badel CP/XB1 Began fairly from gate 1, showed no early speed, raced towards rear on the inside, saved ground on turn, kept to inside after straightening and finished off strongly, nearest finish. (See Racing Incidents.)
7 5 OVERSUBSCRIBED (C361) L Ferraris XB Bumped start, raced 2 wide in midfield, 5 lengths back on turn, made some progress early in straight, peaked 150M, weakened gradually thereafter.
8 6 HEARTY WISH (E343) L Hewitson B/SR/TT Taken back from the widest draw, raced at tail, 10 lengths back on turn, made some headway in straight.
9 1 SAVVY DELIGHT (E386) Z Purton P/TT Made contact shortly after start, raced slightly behind midfield on the outside, 6 lengths back on turn, showed limited response early in straight, one-paced thereafter. (See Racing Incidents.)
10 7 MR FUN (H010) K Teetan H1/XB1/TT Made contact at start, raced 2 wide at rear, 9 lengths back on turn, made no impression in straight.
11 3 DIVINE ERA (D507) K C Leung TT Jumped with them, raced 2 wide slightly behind midfield, 6 lengths or so back on turn, peaked early in straight, weakened thereafter.
12 11 DIAMOND SOARS (G201) K H Chan H/P/TT Began well from a wide draw, sent forward to take the early lead, headed 700M, raced 2 wide, a length or so back in the middle stages, weakened early in straight.
B : Blinkers BO : Blinker with one cowl only CC : Cornell Collar CP : Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO : Sheepskin Cheek Piece One Side E : Ear Plugs H : Hood P : Pacifier
PC : Pacifier with cowls PS : Pacifier with one cowl SB : Sheepskin Browband SR : Shadow Roll
TT : Tongue Tie V : Visor VO : Visor with one cowl XB : Crossed Nose Band
"1" : First time "2" : Replaced "-" : Removed