Race Meeting:  21/10/2007   Sha Tin

RACE 10 (105)
Class 2 - 1400M - (100-80) Going : GOOD TO FIRM
HUNG MUI KUK HANDICAP Course : TURF - "B+2" Course
HK$ 1,050,000 Time : (13.40) (35.50) (59.20) (1:21.80)
Sectional Time : 13.40 22.10 23.70 22.60
Pla. Horse No. Horse Jockey Trainer Act. Wt. Declar. Horse Wt. Dr. LBW Finish Time Win Odds
1 14 ENTHUSED (CH303) F Coetzee J Size 114 1222 9 - 1:21.80 2.3
2 12 SUNNY KING (CH105) M Nunes J Moore 117 1172 2 1 1:21.90 14
3 9 PRIME SCORE (CG280) G Boss D J Hall 118 1172 10 1-3/4 1:22.00 14
4 11 GRAND CRU (CG265) D Whyte K W Lui 117 1125 3 2-3/4 1:22.20 7.9
5 2 TOWERING FEELING (CG262) K Shea D E Ferraris 128 1161 4 2-3/4 1:22.20 16
6 1 RIVER JORDAN (CG194) D Beadman J Moore 132 1116 8 2-3/4 1:22.20 19
7 13 DASH AHEAD (CD199) M W Leung L Ho 109 1077 1 3-3/4 1:22.40 49
8 7 ELEGANT WIN (CG297) O Doleuze P O'Sullivan 121 1151 12 4 1:22.40 15
9 6 CHEERFUL MASTER (CE309) G Mosse A Lee 121 1144 14 5 1:22.60 36
10 5 HORACE'S CHOICE (CH169) S Dye C Fownes 122 1139 6 5 1:22.60 4.8
11 4 FLUKE (CJ061) K L Chui A S Cruz 115 1071 11 5-1/4 1:22.60 40
12 10 WEI HAI INVINCIBLE (CH258) Z Purton A T Millard 118 1116 7 7 1:22.90 97
13 3 IMPERIAL APPLAUSE (CG209) B Prebble P O'Sullivan 127 1048 5 8-1/4 1:23.10 31
14 8 FAT CHOY FOREVER (CD111) C W Wong C H Yip 114 1190 13 9-1/2 1:23.30 99

Note: Special Incidents Index

Pool Winning Combination Dividend (HK$)
WIN 14 23.00
PLACE 14 15.50
12 29.00
9 30.50
QUINELLA 12,14 166.00
QUINELLA PLACE 12,14 72.00
9,14 66.50
9,12 200.00
TIERCE 14,12,9 1,977.00
TRIO 9,12,14 726.00
FIRST 4 9,11,12,14 735.00
5TH DOUBLE 10/14 463.50
10/12 409.00
12TH DOUBLE TRIO 4,9,10/9,12,14 355,022.00
SIX UP 6,11/3,10/11,12/3,5/4,10/12,14 1,658,726.00
Dividend Note: For Winning Combination, "F" denotes "Any Combination" while "M" denotes "Any Order".

Racing Incident Report

At declaration time, K Shea was declared as the rider of both TOWERING FEELING and WEI HAI INVINCIBLE. It was established that K Shea had a firm commitment to ride TOWERING FEELING. As such, the Stewards permitted Z Purton to be substituted as the rider of WEI HAI INVINCIBLE. For this declaration error, K Shea was fined $2,000. IMPERIAL APPLAUSE proved difficult to load and after initially being boxed became fractious and momentarily had its left hind leg caught on the platform inside the barrier. IMPERIAL APPLAUSE was removed from its stall and examined by the Veterinary Officer who said in his opinion it was suitable to race. IMPERIAL APPLAUSE again proved difficult to load on the second occasion. Before being allowed to race again, IMPERIAL APPLAUSE will have to perform satisfactorily in a stalls test. TOWERING FEELING was slow to begin. S Dye (HORACE’S CHOICE) was found guilty of a charge of careless riding [Rule 100(1)] in that near the 1300 Metres he permitted his mount to shift in when not clear of IMPERIAL APPLAUSE , causing that horse to be carried in across the rightful running of TOWERING FEELING which as a result was checked. In the circumstances of this case, the Stewards believed the appropriate penalty was for S Dye’s licence to ride in races be suspended for a period to expire on Thursday 1 November 2007 on which day he may resume race riding (2 Hong Kong racedays). The commencement of the suspension was deferred until after the Happy Valley racemeeting next Wednesday 24 October 2007. In addition, S Dye was fined $20,000 in lieu of a suspension for a period incorporating one further raceday. After the 1000 Metres, SUNNY KING proved difficult to settle when close to the heels of HORACE’S CHOICE and WEI HAI INVINCIBLE. Prior to straightening, SUNNY KING was steadied when awkwardly placed close to the heels of HORACE’S CHOICE. From on straightening until after the 200 Metres, TOWERING FEELING was held up and unable to obtain clear running. For the major part of the race, RIVER JORDAN travelled wide and without cover. When questioned regarding his riding in the early part of the Straight, S Dye said he had been instructed to have HORACE’S CHOICE in a more forward position today due to the manner in which the track was racing and it was felt that with a light weight if ENTHUSED established a break on him he would not be able to run it down. He said because of this prior to straightening he commenced to shift his mount away from the rail in an endeavour to obtain a position to follow ENTHUSED as that horse made its run. He said however GRAND CRU maintained its position behind ENTHUSED and he therefore shifted back towards the inside on straightening. He said he immediately commenced to ride HORACE’S CHOICE along, however, as running presented itself between ELEGANT WIN and FAT CHOY FOREVER, the horse was not travelling well enough to quicken into this opening. He said for this reason at the 350 Metres he pulled the whip on HORACE’S CHOICE in an endeavour to have the horse improve its position. He said at this time SUNNY KING improved quickly on his inside and into the run which had been available to him. He said because of this HORACE’S CHOICE near the 200 Metres was steadied away from the heels of ELEGANT WIN, however, in the run to the line was most disappointing in the manner in which it closed the race off. He said in his opinion HORACE’S CHOICE being ridden more forward today resulted in the horse not being able to quicken in the manner in which it usually does. S Dye was advised that his explanation would be reported. HORACE’S CHOICE was sent for an official veterinary inspection. A veterinary inspection of HORACE’S CHOICE after the race did not show any significant findings. ENTHUSED and SUNNY KING were sent for sampling.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online

Sire: Centaine

Dam: Free As A Bird

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